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College Essay Helper

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Your Transformational Story Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Your Transformational Story - Assignment Example This true story of my mentor is inspirational and it has transformed me in various ways. From her traumatic background experience, she became popular with her talk show â€Å"Oprah Winfrey Show† and has since become the darling of not only America but the world at large. I have drawn great inspiration and transformation from her popular statement, â€Å"It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from. The ability to triumph begins with you. Always,† (Academy of Achievement). Before reading the transformational history of Oprah, I was sceptical of doing challenging things and I lacked self confidence in whatever I did. My academic career was characterised by low grades as a result of the fact that I viewed myself as incapable of doing a lot of challenging things. Even in life, I have been scared of performing certain tasks on my own for fear of failure. However, today I can happily say that the true story of Oprah has significantly transformed my life in various ways. I have gained a lot of confidence in myself and I can perform any task on my own. One good lesson I have learned from this leader is that failure is a true source of experience and motivation. Instead of despairing about failing to achieve the desired goals at a particular moment, this failure can be a source of inspiration. I have learnt a lot of things from my mistakes. At school, I often achieve poor grades but I am no longer demotivated since this gives me hope that one day I will achieve good grades. I have also been transformed in such a way that I can share my life experience with others without fear or favour. I am not ashamed of my failures in life and am happy to say that I view the sky as the limit in whatever I do. Leadership is the ability to influence others to behave in a particular way (Robbins, 1993). There are various leadership styles and these have an impact on the leader to influence others. Leadership traits have an impact on other people

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Relationship Between ANA Test Titers Autoimmune Disease Research Paper - 9

Relationship Between ANA Test Titers Autoimmune Disease - Research Paper Example Among the patients ‘data we collected, 13 (29.5%) patients had 40 ANA test titers, 4 (9.1%) had 80 titers, 4 (9.1%) had 160 titers, 10 (22.7%) had 320 titers, 4 (9.1%) had 640 titers, 6 (13.6%) had 1280 titers, and 3 (6.8%) had 1320 titers. This is well illustrated by both table 1 below and graph 1. During the sample, analysis three groups of diagnosis of autoimmune disease were detected. Group 1 had 13 (29.5%) patients, group 2 had 19 (43.2%) patients, and group 3 had 12 (27.3%). Table 2 and figure 2 better illustrate this Among the 13 patients who were found to fall in the category of 40 titers ANA test SLE, 2 were found to fall in group 1, 6 were found to fall in group 2, and 5 were found to fall in group 3. Among the 4 patients who were found to fall in the category of 80 titers ANA test SLE, 2 were found to fall in group 1, 1 one was found to fall in group 2, and another 1 was found to fall in group 3. Among the four in the category of 160 titers ANA test SLE, 2 were found to fall in group 1, 1 in group 2, and another 1 in group 3. Among the 10 in the category of 320 titers, ANA test SLE, 3 were found to fall in group 1, 4 in group 2, and 3 in group 3. Among the 4 in the category of 640 titers ANA test SLE, 1 was found to fall in group one while the other 3 were found to fall in group 2. Among the six in the category of 1280 titers ANA test SLE, 2 were found to fall in group 1, 2 in group 2, and 2 in group 3. Among the three in the category of 1320 titers ANA test SLE, 1 was found to fall in group 1, and the other 2 in group 2. Table 3, figure 3, and figure 4 had better illustrate this. In this project, we test the null hypothesis that the ANA and diagnosis are associated. According to Hirschfield & Heathcote (2011), the ANA test is the main testing tool used for the diagnosis of autoimmune rheumatic conditions. This test makes use of antinuclear antibodies in the diagnosing of these conditions.

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Is Credit Card Necessary in Our Life Essay Example for Free

Is Credit Card Necessary in Our Life Essay A credit card is a card issued by a financial company to the holder in order for an individual to borrow funds often at a point of sale. It is important to note that credit cards charge interest and are basically use for short-term financing. Moreover, the interests charged on credits cards are enacted usually one month after purchasing is made and borrowing limits are pre-set. This is with regard to the individual`s card rating. Significantly, credit cards contain a higher interest rate that is about 19% per year than majority of the consumer lines or loans of credit. Consequently, many consumer stores allow payment through credit cards, an aspect that has seen the vast growth of these cards. Suze denotes says â€Å"For Americans who don’t pay their entire credit card bill each month, the average balance is close to $4,000. † In addition, they are a mode of payment in the current world by most companies and even the civil servants. However, the various limitations like dent limit make credit cards insignificant in our life. Credit cards are not necessary in our life because they impose various limitations to the card holders. First, charging items, goods, and services on plastic can be convenient but encourage poor spending habits. Credit cards are readily within one`s reach. Moreover, people walk with these cards in their wallets and handbags. This is not only, a limiting factor, but also encourages the issues of money expenditure. For instance, online stores have become a considerable element in the current American society. Buying of goods and services can be done within seconds, especially with the home delivery services at hand. Suze in her argument emphasizes, â€Å"But also realize that some of you are broke by circumstances. I believe you are Broke by Choice. † This is to indicate the practices that we engage with the accessibility to the cards. Credit cards expose high rate expenditure among people with even little goods they would purchase locally. Credit card debt is a considerable problem that each ground people every year. Rise in the interest rates is a limit factor towards the use of credit cards. It is evident that financial companies vary their rates within days and even a month. For instance, the interest rate may change frequently if the economy of the nation keeps alternating. This puts the credit card holders in a chilly spot. The fluctuation of interest rates has resulted to individuals going for loans since they cannot support their bills. Suze denotes, â€Å"The average interest rate charged on credit is 15 percent, with plenty of folks paying 18 percent † Moreover, the financial companies are after profits, and to ensure they have established this, they enact interest rates that are merely undistinguishable by the credit card holders. This exposes the card holders to vulnerability of inevitable charges by the organizations. Moreover, at times payments through the credit cards get missed. This is usual among the card holders. Various companies have emphasized on credit card payment mode. However, it is imperative to note that during the transfer of money from the corporative, some instances of money loss have been identified. Efficiency is a factor that cannot be relied on from payment and service coherence. Furthermore, online vandalism in the form of account hacking is a current problem facing credit card issuing financial corporations. For instance, payoneer company accounts that are issued online to individuals from various regions of the world have faced vandalism with clients and card holders losing millions of cash. Hacking online credit card accounts has become a common practice in the present society. This has forced people to limit the utilization of the credit cards. Credit cards are likely to accumulate debts if the monthly charges are not paid in time. â€Å"†¦if you are late on any other card, your zero deal can be in jeopardy. † In addition, credit card scores are trashed by the financial companies rendering to discrimination of the individual card holders. On the other hand, credit cards can be regarded to be very significant in the modern world. This is because they solve the issue of distance payment. For instance, an individual living in Great Britain can receive his/her salary even if working for a company established in the United States. This is because the credit cards allows funds to be deposited on the card holder`s card. Furthermore, the card holder can withdraw money from any card supporting Automatic Teller Machine (ATM). This is not only an advantage to the credit card holders but a limitation to knowing their bank ledger rates and various banking processes within the account. Majority of the credit card holders neglect the various conditions and terms they are subjected to during account application. Considerably, for the people who do not pay their credit card bill every month, it is significant to note that their average balance is estimated to $4,000. Considerably, the higher earning individual with an annual income that ranges $75000 and $100000, the average balance is approximately $8,000. â€Å"To see if you have been late on any card, not just their car. † This is a remarkably high cost in incorporating credit card in aspects of payment and other financial areas. It does not make meaning if an individual is paying, for example, 18 percent interest on a $7,000 balance and he/she makes just 1. percent minimum payment each month. This is because the individual will end up paying $20,000 in the averagely 50 years he/she will take to decline the balance to zero. It is important to note that those people who like buying goods on credit are at a big risk of ending up in great debts. The various transactions or credits that are made on the credit cards are crucial since they gain more interest to the related financial company. It is important to limit the rate at which one uses the credit card. Suze denote â€Å"Push yourself hard to make that extra payment as large as possible. Otherwise, an individual will end up accumulating a good amount of dents. Paying for groceries and friends drinks at the restaurant at your expense is a practice will finally get one to the unpaid credit balance. The card sets an individual for many snares and traps though the card companies in order for you to spend more creating more debts. The strategy for getting out of rid of the credit card debt is only by maneuvering the credit card companies with strategies that will ensure individuals pay the least amount possible interest rate. Considerably, the average interest charged on a credit card is about 15 percent. However, Suze says that, â€Å"majority of the people pay at around 18 percent and any balance carried by a credit calls for the rate lowered as possible. † In conclusion, it is important to note that credit cards are not necessary to our life. This is with consideration on the various credit debts they can amount to an individual. Further, they enhance high expenditure through online stores including groceries. Therefore, progressive use of credit cards even with minor goods and services that can be obtained readily endangers you to debts that are critical within credit card use. The most appropriate strategy in dealing with high-rate debt in the use of credit cards is ensuring that all your cards are equally used. â€Å"If you have a FICO score of at least 720, and you make at least the minimum payment due each month, on time, you should be able to negotiate with your current credit card issuer to lower your rate. If other cards are frequently used unlike others an individual would be paying the monthly charges and other interests for free. Therefore, credit cards are a critical aspect in the financial ground of an individual.

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Race: Biological or Cultural? :: essays research papers

Through research of DNA samples, scientists have been able to declare that race is not biologically constructed due to the similarities between human genes. Nevertheless, in reality, people still emphasized on biological aspects such as skin color, or hair texture to categorize others into different races. This in turn, denied the true identity of race, which it is culturally constructed. Ethnicity, by definition is also culturally constructed, therefore it greatly resemble race. There is no real clear line to distinct the two. According to Nicholson, encounters between explorers, such as Christopher Columbus and Henry Hudson, and Native Americans were always friendly. There was no â€Å"expression of hostility based on physical appearance† (Nicholson 15) between the two groups. When there was any hostility, it was not based on physical appearance, but rather more of culture practices or values. Cannibalism, for example, â€Å"seems to take place without any regard to race, creed, or religion.† In another case, Nicholson mentions that during the Crusade, about ten thousands Jews were massacred by Crusaders. It â€Å"was a religious slaughter without racial implications.† (Nicholson 26) Through these examples, we can see that Nicholson suggested that race is not scientifically valid because people did not judge others based on physical appearances, but the notion of race is mainly described by one’s skin color or hair texture. Nicholson’s arguments coincided with modern scientific views, which conclude that race doesn’t exist, due to the fact that DNA inside people with different skin color and hair texture is 99.9 percent similar. Therefore, the notion that race is biologically constructed in invalid. Social reality of race simply refers to the fact that people still believed that races are based on physical traits such as skin color or hair texture to judge others. However, what they are doing is stereotyping which lead to discrimination and racism. Also, their actions denied the fact race is culturally constructed, meaning people have different customs, religions, and values from culture to culture. The patterns of biological variation among humans are extremely complex and constantly changing. All of us could be classified into a number of different "races", depending on what genetic traits are emphasized. For example, if you divide people up on the basis of stature or blood types, the geographic groupings are clearly different from those defined on the basis of skin color. Focusing on such deceptive distinguishing traits as skin color, body shape, and hair texture causes us to magnify differences and ignore similarities between people.

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The Role of Lease Financing in Bangladesh

Introduction Lease financing is comparatively a new concept in the financial sector and has got recognition as aninnovative source of finance for accelerating the pace of industrialization as well as economic growth of  Bangladesh. Leasing companies have registered substantial growth in lease financing during the year 1985through 1994.Since 1995 to date, growth in lease market has significantly slowed down because of sluggisheconomic activities, withdrawal of incentives by the government, imposition of cash resource requirementwith Bangladesh Bank as per Finance Act 1998, expansion of number of leasing institutions, lack of  diversification of service and of awareness in business community about leasing etc. Researchers have alsofound that leasing companies need to develop their professionals and should come in the market with newmarketing strategy. BackgroundBangladesh is a least developed country in the world with per capita GDP Tk. 11. 284 (USD 230). She suffersfrom poverty, i mperfection in both, factor and product market, continuous in equilibrium in the economy,defective administrative structure in both financial and non-financial sector, inappropriate tax structure,heavy dependence on assistance from World Bank including other International Lending Agencies andDonor Countries, lack of capital stock, massive unemployment, political turmoil and unhealthy environmentfor investment.With the emergence of Bangladesh as an independent country in 1971, the thenGovernment nationalized all commercial Banks with the hope of accelerating industrial growth throughfinancial, fiscal and other supports. Since the inception of independent Bangladesh, Commercial Banks,Development Financial Institutions and Investment Corporation of Bangladesh have been the major sourcesof industrial finance in the country. These Banks were predominately serving the public sector by extendingsupport in the form of long term loan, working capital finance, bridge finance etc. and had limi ted experiencein trade, commerce and industry.Due to dearth of experience in investment decision, project financing,recovery of loan and recycle of loan, both entrepreneurs and Banking Financial Institutions coupled withdifficulties at every stage of development and accomplishment which ultimately led to the emergence of  many sick industries. The Development Financial Institutions (DFI s) that depend largely on external assistance suffer fromfinancial constrains because of ineffective project appraisal. Imprudent investment decisions, poor recoveryand inability to recycle of loan which resulted in withdrawal of fund by international donors.As a result of  poor performance and withdrawal of external support, the liquidity position of DFI s have declined and abilityof sanctioning fresh loan and of refinancing sick industries reduced. Nationalized commercial Banks areusually reluctant to finance capital expenditure due to higher financial risk and poor recovery and designedto prom ote the nonproductive sectors. Besides, their loan operation was substantially diminished due toadditional cash reserve requirement imposed by Bangladesh Bank in order to curb inflation. Consequently,genuine industrial clients are affected by their limited access to the long-term local currency loan.Thiscontention is evident from the fact that the private sector remains in massive default to the DFI s and NCB s,90% of borrowers to DFI s are in defaulting and recovery rates are as low as 10% of the total recoverableamount. On the other hand, Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE), the only stock market of Bangladesh is not wellorganized and therefore failed to mobilize sufficient fund to meet the demand of the capital market of thecountry. During 1972-84, public sector financial institutions were found totally failure in developing industrialsector and promoting first generation of industrial entrepreneurs

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4 Ways to Use the Passive Voice in Italian

When we are learning to write in English, we are warned to steer clear of the passive voice as if it were a bad habit. We are told to use verbs in active constructions, which are, well, more active: they give our writing a more powerful tone. But in Italian, the passive voice is used frequently and in a multiplicity of ways, and not without reason. In fact, the passive voice not only changes the dynamic between the elements of a sentence, subtly altering nuance in the meaning but sometimes enables constructions and creates tones that are entirely new, shifting the focus of the action from the doer to the action itself. Because it is widely used, its important for the Italian-language learner to know how to recognize it, to conjugate it, and, one hopes, also to appreciate it. La Voce Passiva: What It Is and Why Use It? At its most basic, in Italian as in English, the passive construction reverses subject and object of an action: The dog ate the sandwich: the sandwich was eaten by the dog.The mysterious bear took the little girl: the little girl was taken by the mysterious bear.Poverty killed the man: the man was killed by poverty. Depending on the context, that reversal puts more emphasis on the subject who is carrying out the verb, to clarify agency or responsibility and place it squarely on someone or something: The painting was painted by that lovely young man in the red coat. Conversely, passive construction also can serve the purpose of moving the emphasis away from the doer and more on the action itself and its weight. For example: The bodies were laid to rest under the trees; the village was burned to the ground in one night. Here we dont even know who the doer is, and that is half of the beauty of the passive construction. How to Make a Verb Passive in Italian A verb is made passive (this can be done only with transitive verbs) by reversing the subject and the object, then by putting the main verb into the past participle preceded by the verb essere. Essere is conjugated in the same tense of the verb when active. The agent or doer, called the complemento dagente, is introduced by the preposition da. Lets look at the transformation in several tenses: In the presente indicativo: Noi serviamo la cena. We serve the dinner.La cena à ¨ servita da noi. The dinner is served by us. In the passato prossimo: Noi abbiamo servito la cena. We served the dinner.La cena à ¨ stata servita da noi. The dinner was served by us. In the imperfetto: Noi servivamo sempre la cena. We always served the dinner.La cena era servita sempre da noi. The dinner was always served by us. In the passato remoto: Servimmo sempre la cena. We always served the dinner.La cena fu sempre servita da noi. The dinner was always served by us. In the futuro: Noi serviremo sempre la cena. We will always serve dinner.La cena sarà   sempre servita da noi. Dinner will always be served by us. In the congiuntivo imperfetto: Voleva che noi servissimo la cena. She wanted us to serve the dinner.Voleva che la cena fosse servita da noi. She wanted the dinner to be served by us. And in the condizionale passato: Noi avremmo servito la cena se ci fossimo stati. We would have served the dinner had we been there.La cena sarebbe stata servita servita da noi se ci fossimo stati. The dinner would have been served by us had we been there. Its helpful to review the entire conjugation of a verb in the passive voice with the essere in every tense. But this suffices to see that, when used like this, the passive voice gives more prominence to the doer of the action. Passive Without Spoken Agent However, simple passive sentences can leave the doer unmentioned, too, leaving only the action itself, without concern for who did what: La cena fu servita al tramonto. Dinner was served at sunset.La casa à ¨ stata costruita male. The house was poorly built.Il tuo vestito à ¨ stato buttato per sbaglio. Your dress was thrown out by mistake.La torta fu mangiata in un minuto. The cake was eaten in one minute.Il bambino era felice di essere stato accettato. The little boy was happy to have been accepted.La donna fu tanto amata nella sua vita. The woman was very loved in her life. Passive Impersonal: One, You, Everyone, Us All Because of its Latin derivation, the passive in Italian is also used in other less identifiable constructions: Among them is the impersonal passivante voice, which is widely used in Italian and most convenient. It is a good way to explain rules, customs, or general behavior without assigning fault or responsibility or singling out individual behavior. The agent is one, everyone, or us all: the people. There is really no perfect translation in English that has the same tone, sometimes easy, sometimes more formal. In this formula, you use the passive particle si (the same as the reflexive pronoun si but with an entirely different function) and conjugate your verb in the third person singular or plural (depending on if the subject is singular or plural) of the tense you need. There is always an object in the si passivante. Lets look: In questo negozio non si vendono sigarette. In this store, cigarettes are not sold.Da qui si puà ² vedere il mare. From here one/we can see the sea (or the sea can be seen).In Italia non si parla molto svedese. In Italy, Swedish is not much spoken.Come si fa ad aprire questo portone? How does one/how do you open this door?In Italia si mangia molta pasta. In Italy, we/everyone/people eat a lot of pasta.Si dice che il villaggio fu distrutto. It is said that the town was destroyed.Non si capisce bene cosa sia successo. It is not clear what happened. With this and other passive constructions, one can speak about something being done poorly or wrongly or badly without necessarily pointing the finger, assigning responsibility (or taking credit), or generally getting involved. It is also a good way to voice opinion or tell a story while leaving everyone (including yourself) out of it, adding a bit of mystery, suspense, or doubt. Si sentirono delle grida. Screams were heard.In paese non si seppe chi era stato. In town, no one knew/it was not known who had done it.Quando fu vista per strada tardi si pensà ² subito a male. When she was seen on the street late at night, people/one/everyone immediately thought bad things.Si pensa che sia stato lui. It is thought to have been him. Passive Venire Past Participle Sometimes in passive constructions in the present or the future, the auxiliary essere is substituted by the verb venire to give the sentence a semblance of formality, for example in the case of rules, procedures, or court orders. The sense is that of shall in English. Il bambino verrà   affidato al nonno. The child shall be placed in the care of his grandfather.Queste leggi verranno ubbidite da tutti senza eccezioni. These laws shall be obeyed without exceptions. Passive with Andare   Past Participle Andare is used a bit in the same way as venire in passive constructions—to express orders, rules, and procedures: a must in English. Le leggi vanno rispettate. The laws must be respected. I compiti vanno fatti. The homework must be done.La bambina va portata a casa di sua mamma. The child must be taken home to her mother.Le porte vanno chiuse alle ore 19:00. The doors must be closed at 7 p.m. Andare is also used in passive constructions to express loss or destruction without assigning blame or when the culprit is unknown: Le lettere andarono perse nel naufragio. The letters got lost in the shipwreck.Nellincendio andà ² distrutto tutto. Everything was destroyed in the fire. Passive with Dovere, Potere, and Volere Past Participle In passive voice constructions with the helping verbs dovere (to have to), potere (to be able to), and volere (to want), the helping verb goes before the passive auxuliary essere and the past participle: Non voglio essere portata in ospedale. I dont want to be taken to the hospital.Voglio che il bambino sia trovato subito! I want the child to be found immediately!I bambini devono essere stati portati a casa. The children must have been taken home. Il cane puà ² essere stato adottato. The dog could have been adopted. Dovere is used with passive voice in rules, orders, and ways of doing things: Il grano deve essere piantato prima di primavera. The wheat must be planted before spring.Le multe devono essere pagate prima di venerdà ¬. The fines must be paid before Friday.