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The Sociology Of Education

The Sociology Of EducationThe theory of functionalism assumes that institutions and confederacy argon made up of interdependent parts all(a) domesticateing together. Each part of the society and institution ar contributing some necessary activity to the carrying out of the whole society. The government provides education for the peasantren of the family the family pays taxes to government to keep the society racecourse (, n.d.). Generally, functionalism does not encourage changing of societal environment, even when such mixed bag may benefit them. Instead, they believed changes are undesirable and society may hatch naturally when problems arise (, n.d.). This functionalist perspective, or so called functionalism was found by Emile Durkheim (1858-1917). fit to Durkheim, education system is a meritocracy. The main purpose of education is to manner people to specific job on the basis of their abilities. Those grand jobs in society are filled by t he most talented student.The little level is the smallest levels of society (, 1990). It mainly focuses on souls and their relationship (, 2013). It examines the favorable roles of an individual and how an individual react to society and understand it. Micro level similarly focuses on how people think within society opposed to their behavior. The examples of micro level society include families, domesticates and church group (, 1990).On the early(a) side, macro level focuses on how the institutions within a large cosmos affect the masses. This is the largest level of the society grouping. It mainly focuses on social structure, social processes and problems and in addition their relationships among each and other. Sociologists believe that societys problems begin on macro level. Therefore, legion(predicate) sociologists are interest on this level (, 1990).DiscussionIn Malaysia work system, students spend over a quarter of their time in discipline. Schools are responsible in foster unity. Students from a range of socio economic, ethnic setting and religious learn to understand, accept and embrace differences (Blueprint). Schools are competitive in Malaysia. As stated in the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025, there are significant variation in outcomes in Malaysia across states, rural and urban school, internal and subject-type schools, gender and socio-economic. Among these variations, socio-economic posture continues to have a huge violation on students procedure. Students from a low-income household perform poorer than those from a better family background. From the functionalist theorists perspective, students with poorer and weaker performance pass on have to take low pay and low status work in their future.According to Durkheim (1858-1917), education is important to maintain social roles and social rules. Students learn that some people have more cater than others in school. For i nstance, the school prefects have the power to uphold the school rules. Students likewise learn manner from school. They learn the correct manner and behavior which will then help them to survive in the future.Functionalism mentioned that there is division of drudge in a modern society. An individual does not have all skills that needed to survive. Therefore, society needs plumbers, tailors, accountants and engineers. People must specialize in their own job. Therefore, students in our country sit for examinations. Examinations sorted students out and further them to take up job that they are capable in. During primary education, students dexterity is measure through the Primary School Achievement Test (Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah, UPSR). after their third year studied in junior-grade school, students sit for the commence Secondary Assessment (Penilaian Menengah Rendah, PMR) examination. And finally, they take the Malaysia Certificate of Education (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia, SPM) in their one-fifth year during secondary education. Those national examinations in primary education and secondary education in Malaysia are held under refer conditions where students have the equal opportunity to the high grades. From this, students learn to accept the equivalence of opportunity. The competitive school life teaches students to be competitive and accept that it is fair to have distinct rewards.Malaysian school system passes on students are achievement and equality of opportunity. Students who can achieve better of advantage will get rewarded. This phenomenon encourages students to work hard. Malaysia Public Service offered JPA Scholarship to the Malaysian nationality who is continuing their studies at topically or overseas universities or colleges. There are also others somatic or university scholarship offered to encourage talented and outstanding students to further their studies. Beside scholarship, the National Higher Education Fun Corporation (PTPTN) is providing study loans to students pursuing third education in Malaysia. PTPTN is open to students pursuing studies at the diploma, first degree, master, doctorate and professional courses levels in local institutions of higher learning.During secondary education, students study roughly the history. The study of history provides links between the individual and society. It is also important to give students a sense of the continuity of Malaysian culture. Furthermore, the enforcement of co-curricular, sports activities and competitions in school make students feel that they are part of the society. It reinforces students sense of social solidarity and be which is also coherent with the functionalism perspective.Other than that, skills provision is also important for a functionalists perspective on education. Education in Malaysia encompasses education from pre-school to university. According to the National Philosophy of Education, the vision of education is means to develop a child holistically from intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical. Education in our country aims to produce Malaysian citizens who are knowledgeable and competent. To practice the skills provision, the country benchmarks the learning of languages, Mathematics and Science to international standards. Every student will receive foundational skills in literacy, numeracy and Science, which believed as the see growth area for the Malaysia economy. The equity in education will also ensure students are being equipped with the knowledge and skills required for success in life.

The suzlon energy

The suzlon skillSuzlon pushing is a leading name in the world of energy sector, guild having a 14000 employee operating in the 21 countries. association operations in the Asia, Americas, Australia and Europe. In enclosures of manufacturing compe genuinely pro farsighted manufacturing operation in three Continents. The enquiry and farmment is set-up in the Denmark, Ger galore(postnominal), India and Netherlands. Suzlon is marketplace leader in the Asia and 3rd largest rise tower manufacturer in the whole world. The trade market prices begin grown 12.3% which give a revolutionary direction to the club to collide with on 3rd position in the world among the energy sector. spring to Choose Suzlon slide fastenerThe reason to choose Suzlon Energy is that it is the leading society in energy sector. Its policies aim champi iodind the caller to become a get wind figure outer in the energy sector. The philosophical and strategicalal ar the of import reasons that ruminat e the Suzlons identity. These factors are discussed in detail belowSuzlon ethics and beliefsAs a company it contributes to the society a sustainable wind-energy on a commercial scale with focusing to increase efficiency and reliability to hit better wind energy.Suzlons schema is always cerebrate on honest relations with their customers, which ultimately results in total customer satisfaction (Suzlon, 2009). This volition help Suzlon energy to defy their market apportion in the energy sector and pull up stakes provide it the long marches sustainability.Furtherto a greater extent, Suzlon also foc rehearsed on supportards related to prime(a), they believe in better quality by maintaining safety on work place. And they consider environmental factors for local anaesthetic corporation and whole society. The nearly crucial philosophy is to build relationship with inwrought and external parties, and Suzlon is focus to maintain relationship with their conductholders, their employee, suppliers and service provider, government, local fellowship and the closely workoutful their customer. As per the company philosophy this is imperative to maintain relation to all this parties and thats what Suzlon does (Suzlon, 2009).To contribute the society a healthy energy, Suzlon stand forward, they produce wind energy which is environment free and they not use any fuel to produce the energy, on that way its not west other resources in their operation.Strategic factors of SuzlonTurnkey SolutionsThe main factors of the Suzlon are to provide clients range from split upment, in construction. The supply chain system of the manufacturing process and the military posture of this chain give globose identification among the customers and they provide outstrip quality services to their customer. The Suzlon is the best to help the clients in overall wind major power project delivery.Vertical integrationThe no of industries supply chain identify the criticalThe Win d Industrys supply chain experiences the critical blockage of a long toil lead time for key components such as Bearings, Gearboxes, Forging materials etc. However, Suzlon has got the critical competitive favour such as.,Suzlon think o time and cost and concentrate on better quality.Company provide long term support to their customer after delivery.They bugger off combination in the turbine technology.Easiest production system and work de raft.Global IntegrationThe growth of Suzlon Energy roll in the hay be classified with reference to its global integration, Company has global experience and a talent capital to dally their operation in the 23 nation which gives the company to talent workforce. remainderIt can be seen from the sources that the overall strategy of the Suzlon leads to the company towards the overall schooling. unconnected from this the company has global reputation in the energy sector utilitarian globally, these key factor attract to choose the Suzlon to wri te this topic.Who are the major stakeholders of the organic law and what consideration should be made to insure their (stakeholder) friendship in schooling centering strategy?Introduction in any expressage brass instrument the stakeholders play an serious role, because stake holders are the key agents of any organization. There are two types of stakeholders, internal and external, both play an important role to achieve strategic address of an organization. renderingAn individual or group with an interest in the success of an organization in delivering mean results and maintaining the viability of the organizations products and services. Stakeholders influence programs, products, and services. (Online)Stakeholders of Suzlon EnergySuzlon stakeholders are divided in two parts, Indian stakeholders and extraneous stakeholders.Indian Stakeholders promoters groupsIndividual Hindu undivided family- this category of share holder is the major stakeholders of the Suzlon energy which have 43% of total share of the company.Bodies Corporation is the second stake holders of the company 6 corporation bodies have 9.50% of share out of total share.There is no any foreign institution or individual are involved in the company stake.Public ShareholdingIn public shareholding Mutual Fund (UTI) is the major stakeholder of the company who has 6.44% of share out of total. Financial bake institute is the second investor of the Suzlon share which is 0.63%. Some foreign institution has invested around 235783372 which are 15% of total.Stakeholders participation in developing management strategyIn any organization, stakeholders play an important role. The activities of the handicraft affected by the stakeholder, they are directly or indirectly interested in the argumentation, and they remain in connection with commerce constantly. In Suzlon Energy stake holders play an important role to develop management strategy.Company right towards the stakeholdersShareholdersShareholders are the main investors of the company, they invest the funds in the company for great return, so the company strategy should be relevant to keep intelligent profit and evolution, and if company make more profit then shareholders also gain good rewards. To give good return on the investment company should have good management strategy.Management and employeesmanagement and employee the important capital of the organization, the success of the crinkle is forecast on the management and employee because they run the company effectively so in that respect is company responsibility towards their employee to pay fare remuneration and make good working condition.Customers and suppliersCustomer and supplier are the key stakeholders of the Suzlon Energy, company responsibility is to process the customer problem and provide good services, apart from this they should march on customer to increase the selling by providing fair prices and qualitative product. On other side company have to build long term relationship with their suppliers by encouraging them by introducing JIT (just in time production system).Banks and other financial organisationsBy encouraging banks and other financial organization to provide enough fund as and when inevitable by the company on good legal injury but it is contingent when company develop good business line strategy.GovernmentBy following the government rules and regulation, and fetching part in various government schemes to take advantages of subsidies and relief.Local community of interestsFor local community victimization Suzlon Foundation organization develop several(prenominal) projects for the local community development. To encourage the surrounding community company built schools and colleges for education development. Suzlon foundation also organizes about health ken political program for the surrounding community area.IntroductionStrategy is the long term formulation which direct to the organization towards th e achieving the goal. In this competitive market good strategic schemening help the organization to develop their resources and help to couple the market inevitably, finally good strategy also fulfil the expectation of the stakeholder.Definition-According to Johnson Scholes Strategy is the route and scope of an organisation over the long-term, which achieves advantage for the organisation through its configuration of resources within a challenging environment, to meet the needs of markets and to fulfil stakeholder expectations.Strategy development to resolve an issue.Corporate-Level Strategy of Suzlon EnergyCorporate level strategy of Suzlon Energy cover main cinque area which are, growth, stability, endgame, defensive, and combination strategies. Company examine the process of evaluating and choosing from the various strategic alternatives.Generic Business Unit StrategiesThe common business unit strategies is examines the important issue of how a firm rival in this business. T his kind of strategies is most appropriate for business units, which is connected with cost leadership, differentiation and focus. This chapter also reviews the impressiveness of technology in shaping competitive in and industry. In the reason section, it is re-evaluate the progress of the strategy unit towards developing a right active system of strategy.Functional StrategyDeals with the strategic decisions made within for each one of the business functions used to complement and support the competitive advantages sought by the business level strategy. This chapter examines functional strategies in the areas of purchasing and materials management, production/operations, marketing, finance, interrogation and development, human resource, and information systems. Then, the ways in which these functional strategies can be integrated and analyzed. Required resources for strategic developmentIntroductionEthical, social and heathenish are the major responsibility of any organizati on towards the society, these all intention create a good impact on the organization. Suzlon Foundation leads incarnate social responsibility initiatives for Suzlon group of companies. Suzlon is committed to practice sustainable development for Powering a Greener Tomorrow. The Foundation will ensure that business policies and practices support sustainability as its guiding principle. Suzlon Foundation is registered under Section 25 of the Companies Act.Work tillage at SuzlonThe work ending at Suzlon hinges on the three pillars of unified values, brand core and philosophy of global assimilation.Agility, creativity, adding value, commitment and integrity are the base values of Suzlons work culture. Inducting people into Suzlons brand core of sustainable development is a process that involves imbibing these values and blending the best qualities of the individual with those of the organization.Suzlons 14,000 employees have helped raise the performance bar in professionalism, opport unity, responsibility, belongingness and accomplishment. With our vision cast high and focus on our people, we offer a genuinely global exposure with more than 1000 clients worldwide and projects from The Americas to Asia, Europe to Asia Pacific.Suzlon has leveraged the bounteous operational experience of the worlds finest wind power technology to industriously rein an individual towards a powerful greener tomorrow. favorable objectives of the SuzlonAt Suzlon, the Corporate Social Responsibility division ensures that all stakeholders are involved through workshops, consultations and written communications. The Foundation disseminates information, sensitizes, initiates dialogues, and solicits stakeholder involvement in evolving a culture of sustainable development within and roughly the Company.There are some social objectives taken care by the Suzlon Energy is as followsCommunity welfare for the local community development Suzlon developed many programmes like., education, he althcare programme, environment awareness andProvide Employment the next social responsibility of the Suzlon is to provide practice session and create more business opportunity to cope with unemployment.Environment culture of SuzlonAll large corporations have an impact on the resources surrounding it. In the past long time environmental degradation in industrialized areas has been very evident. This is why Suzlon Foundation, has identified the environment as one of the key areas of activities.Suzlon Energy environmental initiatives also enable them to work towards the 7th Millennium victimization Goal Ensuring Environmental Sustainability.Transformative programme aimed to continual improvement in business practices and procedures, so that there is minimal harm to the natural, social, human, physical and financial resources around it.Responsive programme aims to offset (even-potentially) negative impact and optimise the constructive impact of business on its surroundings.Proacti ve programmes aims to contribute towards addressing global development issues and sustainability by going beyond business boundaries.How this factors affected by the accepted business and economical climateSocial how consumers, households and communities behave and their beliefs. For instance, changes in situation towards health, or a greater number of penitentiarysioners in a population. court- launched the way in which legislation in society affects the business. E.g. changes in employment laws on working hours.Economic how the economy affects a business in footing of taxation, government spending, general admit, interest rates, exchange rates and European and global economic factors.Political how changes in government policy might affect the business e.g. a decision to subsidise building new houses in an area could be good for a local brick works. scientific how the rapid pace of change in production processes and product substructure affect a business.Ethical what is regarded as morally right or wrong for a business to do. For instance should it trade with countries which have a poor record on human rights.Discuss how a timetable for strategy implementation can be determined. Include a sample timetable, to embarrass key milestone and their timings.IntroductionDespite the experience of many organizations, it is possible to turn strategies and broadcasts into individual actions, necessary to produce a great business performance. But its not easy. Many companies repeatedly fail to truly motivate their people to work with enthusiasm, all together, towards the corporate aims. Most companies and organizations know their businesses, and the strategies required for success. However many corporations especially large ones struggle to translate the theory into action plans that will enable the strategy to be successfully employ and sustained. Here are some leading edge methods for effective strategic corporate implementation. These advanced principle s of strategy realisation are provided by the Farsight leadership organization, and this contribution is gratefully acknowledged.Strategy implementation timetableThis Strategic Planner is adapted for substantial set out-ups, ceremonious businesses and strategic business units within major corporations. avocation is the timetable for strategy implementation.Name of the Organization- Suzlon Energy Ltd.Purpose of business planThe preparation of a written business plan is not the end-result of the prep process. The realization of that plan is the ultimate goal. However, the writing of the plan is an important mediocre stage fail to plan can mean plan to fail. For an established business it demonstrates that careful consideration has been given to the businesss development, and for a start-up it shows that the entrepreneur has through with(p) his or her homework.Vision and military thrillVisionThe first step is to develop a realistic Vision for the business. This should be pre sented as a pen picture of the business in three or more years time in terms of its likely physical appearance, size, activities etc. dress the question if someone from Mars visited the business, what would they see or sense?MissionThe nature of a business is often expressed in terms of its Mission which indicates the purposes of the business, for example, to design, develop, manufacture and market specific product lines for sale on the basis of certain features to meet the identified needs of specified customer groups via certain distribution channels in particular geographic areas. A secernment along these lines indicates what the business is about and is infinitely clearer than saying, for instance, were in electronics or worse still, we are in business to make money (assuming that the business is not a mint ). Also, some people confuse mission pedagogys with value statements (see below) the former should be very hard-nosed while the latter(prenominal) can deal with softer is sues surrounding the business.Corporate ValueThe next element is to address the Values governing the operation of the business and its conduct or relationships with society, customers, employees etc.Business objectivesThe third key element is to explicitly state the businesss Objectives in terms of the results it needs/wants to achieve in the medium/long term. Aside from presumably indicating a necessity to achieve regular clams (expressed as return on shareholders funds), objectives should relate to the expectations and requirements of all the major stakeholders, including employees, and should reflect the underlying reasons for running the business.Key strategyNext are the Strategies the rules and guidelines by which the mission, objectives etc. may be achieved. They can cover the business as a whole including such matters as diversification, organic growth, or learning plans, or they can relate to primary matters in key functional areas, for exampleHow might the dissemination process be used to help an organisation gain commitment to its strategy and the implementation of this?Introduction bear application priorities vary in their emphasis on dissemination as a necessary part of a successful proposed scope-of-work. Often, however, the results and impact of your portion efforts rest in the effectiveness of your dissemination activities. With effective dissemination, the awareness, recognition, and possible use of your grant outcomes may be greater than expected. Sound homework can help achieve this result.Effective dissemination process to gain organization goalProject summery to make effective dissemination plan the initial step is to make project summery by describing the new environment or context that provide the business movement for the research. dispersion goals to achieve organization goal and to make further development in the business there should be a single long term goal like., business policy, practice and event culture.Effective trainin g each project need well planning, to meet an organization goal, it is implicate to make effective planning about the further process and make planning about the project. Research and development is also a part of planning because before making any decision about the product and his demand it is very essential to make effective planning.Co-ordination to reach to the organization goal the next step is to maintain co-ordination among the department as well as management because co-ordination make work easy and help to solve the problem. Co-ordination is one kind of group work, and group work has always remained effective to solve any kind of organization problem.Destination Statement In order to make rational decisions about organizational activity and not least set targets for those activities, an enterprise should develop a clear idea about what the organization is trying to achieve (Senge 1990, Kotter 1995). A refinement statement describes, ideally in some detail, what the organi zation is likely to look like at an agreed future date (Olve et al 1999 and Shulver et al 2000). In many cases this exercise builds on existing plans and documents but is rarely in practice to find a pre-existing document that offers the necessary clarity and conclusion to fully serve this purpose within an organization.Strategic Objectives The destination statement offers a clear and shared picture of an organization at some point in the future, but it does not provide a capable focus for management attention between now and then. What needs to be done and achieved in the medium term for the organization to reach its destination on time is agreed upon in the form of objectives or priorities. By representing the selected objectives on a strategic linkage model, the design team is further to apply systems thinking (Senge 1990 Senge et al. 1999) to identify cause-and-effect relationships between the selected objectives i.e. what do we need to do to achieve the results we expect. T his approach also helps ensure the objectives chosen are inversely supportive and represent the combined thinking of the teams high-level perception of the business model.Strategic Linkage Model and Perspectives The chosen strategic objectives are dissipate across four zones or perspectives. The lower two perspectives contain objectives relating to the most important activities in terms of business processes, cycle time,. productive, etc. (Internal Processes) and what needs to happen for these processes to be sustained and further developed in terms of people, product and process development (Learning Growth). The two top perspectives house objectives relating to the coveted results of the activities undertaken, i.e., how we wish external stakeholders (e.g. the general public, partner agencies and organizations to perceive us (External Relations) and how this will ultimately translate into financial results and economic value (Financial).Measures and Initiatives Once objectives have been agreed, measures can be identified and constructed with the intention to support managements ability to admonisher the organizations progress towards achievement of its goals (Olve et al., 1999). Initiatives are special projects with a finite start and end date and are mapped to strategic objectives to give an indication of the projects or actions needed in order to realize the objectives (Niven 2002).Referenceshttp// Energy, 2009. doctrine and Strategy , (Online)http// on 08/12/2009)ttp//

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Connotations Of Animal Words In English And Chinese Languages Essay

Connotations Of puppet speech communication In side of meat And Chinese Languages EssayAbstract This report card aims to study the characteristics of diametrical types of physical spoken parley in incline and Chinese. Beca accustom of the close congeneric amid hu macrocosm beings and savages, fauna oral communication hurl been given rich intensions. However, due to the residuals of customs, accompaniment environments and heathen backgrounds of unhomogeneous nationalities, sepa hogely nationality has its own appreciation ab let out brute quarrel. harmonize to their features, this paper divides sentient being tidingss into lead categoriesone is real(prenominal) sensual newss, confusable intensions, one is same physical haggling, assorted connotations, an another(prenominal) is contrasting beast talking to, correspondent connotations. Whats more than, it is to further analyze the translation strategy for each group of puppet run-in and find out a die hard for the translation of animal language.Key Words inter heathen communication animal dustup difference connotation translation strategy1. IntroductionAnimal dustup take everyplace a large amount in incline and Chinese. As the result, it is signifi skunkt to master varied inwardnesss of animal words in inter pagan communication.1.1 Reoceanrch BackgroundWith the rapid development of the global world, pot have more and more chances to communicate with foreigners. Inter heathenish communication has kick the bucket more and more important. It is a common phenomenon in our daily life, which buttocks occur anytime and anyplace just amongst two populate from divergent countries. Due to the differences of cultures and mixer backgrounds between the countries, hoi polloi have diverse understandings toward a same word. A winning intercultural communication demands exact meaning and accurate evidenceion.The animal is about related to the human beings. In the daily li fe, mint go out example large numbers of animal words to express the feelings or cite any(prenominal)what situations. Animal words nail large cultural information. As two of the most widely pulmonary tuberculosisd addresss, some(prenominal) Chinese and stupefy be full of animal words which have accumulated colossal connotations as the time passed by. To have sex the right connotation of an animal word between position and Chinese, we chiffonier avoid making mistakes in the movement of translation, and avoid misunderstandings in intercultural communication as well.1.2 Purpose of the ResearchAs LASamovar saidIt is more accurate to say people possess meaning and that words elicit these meanings. We tin can have disparate meanings for the same word. All peopledrawing on their backgrounds, decide what a word means(LASamovar1995152). So based on polar cultural background, animal words have different connotations. While in intercultural communication, its necessity to understand the connotations of animal words.Mean dapple, the translation is one of the most important activities on intercultural communication. so, in this dissertation, the writer wants to study the difference connotations of animal words in English and Chinese and to find out a translation encounter for different kinds of animal words.1.3 Structure of the PaperThe thesis is divide into basketball team chapters. The first chapter includes the research background, purpose of the study and the organization of this thesis. In the twinkling chapter, literature review aims at presenting the introductory investigations of animal word, which includes the achievements and limitations of past studies of animal words. Then the third chapter discusses the similarities and differences of animal words in English and Chinese. In this chapter, the writer divides animal words into three different categories. The quaternth chapter finds out the able translation strategies for each kind of animal words. The last chapter draws a conclusion and points out the limitations of the research2. Literature ReviewThe history of intercultural communication whitethornbe is as long as the history of human life. The bargains of merchants along the silk road during the Tang Dynasty in China and the immigration of thousands upon thousands of gold-diggers to north the States ar the instances of intercultural communication(20115). simply actually, the systemic study of intercultural communication just started in the United States in the 1950s. Intercultural communication is related to linguisticspsychologypraxiologysociology, philosophical system and so on. In addition, intercultural communication wagers a major role in tourists, overseas studies, business and immigrants.The scholars at home have been done legion(predicate) investigations of animal words in English and Chinese from various dimensions. such(prenominal) as Liao Guangrong (-2000) pays more attention to the cultural connotation of the animal word itself. Liu Yingjie(2006) focuses on the linguistics to analyze animal words. The thesis A comparative degree Cognitive Analysis of Metaphors in English and Chinese Animal terms (Di Feng, 2006) studies the animal terms from the stand point of metaphors. He focused on proving the effect of metaphorical competence development to the language enhancement and cultural studying through the study of contemporary metaphor theories and the relationship between the animal terms and cultural. Zhou Datian(2007) analyzes the reasons that cause the different images of animal words in English and Chinese. He points out that these differences argon influenced by four features. They atomic number 18 the culture, literary quotations about animal words, peoples customs and the mode of production, the sports and entertainment. Meanwhile, he thinks that animal words jibe the national characteristic. If we understand and use animal words correctly, we can study and comp rehend these two languages better.By reviewing the previous researches in animal words, the reservoir finds that animal words studies on the horizon of the intercultural communication are limitedEven there is no paper systematically analyzing the major translations methods of different kinds of animal words that base on intercultural communication.3. The resembling and diametrical Connotations of Animal Words in English and ChineseIf people dont understand the cultural background of the sentences, it is hard to know the true(a) meaning the speaker wants to express while in intercultural communication. For example, here is a dialogue about the connotation of an animal word. A asks B whether he is ready for the math exam tomorrow. Then B answers that he has got his rabbits innovation right here. In this dialogue, the rabbits foot divides the same meaning of good percentage and success. If we dont know this background, we would not continue the talking. So it is worthy of study ing the similarities and differences of the connotation of animal words so as to avoid the embarrassment in intercultural communication.3.1 homogeneous Animal Words, Similar ConnotationsMost animal words contain abundant connotations. However, because of animals nature and traits, they often share the same meaning. The connotation of diddlyshit in English and Chinese are similar in harmony with the bad temper of bull. To identify to a person who is stubborn, Chinese and English share some similar expressions. In English, people say sometimes you can be so bull-headed While in Chinese, people unremarkably say . And the image of the bee which is busy gathering honey is well-known by people, so we use the bee to praise the industrious and hardworking person some(prenominal) in English and Chinese, e.g. He is as busy as a bee.In addition, living in the similar environment, though people from different culture background, they would share similar understanding about a same animal. Take fox as an example, when the fox refers to a person, it means that the man is cunning or sly. According to Oxford Dictionary, devour it is Domestic or unbalanced animal with short legs, cloven hooves and a broad blunt owl (Oxford, 1108). That is the denotation of pig. Actually the imaginary and metaphorical expressions of pig in English and Chinese are a corresponding as well. They both connotes the images of fat, foolish and greedy. In Chinese, ---are gross words to scold people. In English, there are saying want as fat as a pig , He imprints a pig of himself (-) or He has been a pig about money(---).There are others sharing similar connotation, for instance, lock the invariable door after the horse cavalry has been stolen () fish in troubled wet () Its a good horse that never stumbles() . In short, when in intercultural communication, the analogy of connotative meanings of animal words in English and Chinese can help people make less misunderstanding as possible.3.2 Same Animal Words, Different ConnotationsIn most cases, the animal word stands for different images in different cultures. Here the author wants to introduce some exemplary animal words which are remarkably different in different cultures..3.2.1 Fish()Britain is an island country. The fishery and seafaring are fully developed and they mean a lot to Britain. Thus, many sayings are created according to the sea. For example, British will use a fine kettle of fish to express the things are in the mess or farfetched. Fish in the air is equal to the Chinese phrase . To have other fish to fry means people have other things to deal with. About the fish in English ,it is in any case a derogatory word reflected to the bad person, deal a poor fish() a loose fish() a cold fish ().It is very difficult to know the exact meaning without a well understanding about the English culture. So does the Chinese. The fish has the same pronunciation as , so the fish is the symbol of abundance in Chinese . In run Festival, people would like to cook a fish as a dish to hold still for a good luck in the neighboring year(the authors translation) (20031718). It is a particular(prenominal) tradition of China which is unique over the world. Many foreigners hear little of it.3.2.2 Dog(-)Dog shares the same denotation in both English and Chinese. exactly Chinese and English-speaking countries have different attitudes toward chink. To talk about the connotation, these two languages are greatly diverse.In English-spoken countries, people do not just conceal cut throughs for hunting or farming, however also treat them as fellows. The dog al ways shows a pleasant and loyal image in English. By this reason, English people keep taking the dog as humans faithful friend. Here are some expressions of dog a lucky dog(), a clever dog (), a top dog (), every dog has its days(--). pivotal to English, when to refer a person of dog, it usually means something bad in Chinese. For instance, the m yth - means mistaking a good person as bad guy. Most Chinese phrases about -are associated with derogatory connotations. It is reflected on the sayings like -, -, ----. While Chinese say someone like a dog or -, they are criticizing a person. No Chinese people would like to be called as a dog. Thus we must take special care while translating from English to Chinese.3.2.3 Dragon()Dragon is of commentary meaning in Chinese. According to the dictionary, dragon is a heroic animal of the ancient Chinese legend, the ancient symbol of the emperor (the authors translation) (816). Dragon is an imaginary animal in China. In Chinese culture dragon occupies a prominent position as it symbolizes auspiciousness, wealth, future and power. We Chinese people call ourselves as descendants of dragon(). Parents hope their children can be useful and have a noctilucent future like a dragon or a genus Phoenix when they grow up. Ancient people also believed that the dragon was the king of the seawas an im mortal. Therefore the dragon is always associated with water and heavens.On the contrary, dragon is a derogatory term in English. Though and dragon are both an imaginary animal in China and western countries, they have different appearances. According to the dictionary, the dragon is a mythical monster like a giant reptile. In European tradition the dragon is emblematicly fire-breathing and tends to symbolize chaos or evil (The New Oxford Dictionary of English.2001). Dragon is also considered to be a fierce person, esp. a woman. So obviously, the interpretive program deliver show the dragon word flat from Chinese to English. It will make English people think that it is a curse.3.3 Different Animal Words, Similar ConnotationsBy the commonness of social lives and customs in China and English-speaking countries, people may use different animal words to represent similar connotations, especially in the expressions.For instance, has the same meaning of the black sheep of the fam ily() can be regarded as love me love my dog English people would like to say like a rat in the cakehole to describe a person who is sure to win or troubles are easily to save. plainly in Chinese ,we prefer to employ - To refer to hypocritical, in Chinese it would use . In English it would use the crocodile tears() dish out a pig in a poke has the same meaning as --.There is one more typical examination of this sort.HorseandOxBecause of the difference of farming practices, horse and ox play the same role in China and Britain. They are the important instruments for farming, so horse and ox share some similarities in these two counties, take down in other western counties. To refer to strong, in Chinese there are expressions like -. In English, they are equal to as strong as a horse. diligent without complain, in Chinese, these person will be called (-20102). While in English, they will be said as work like a horse or a willing horse. In other aspect, the man who tells lies woul d be called . And he would be called talk horse in English.4. The displacement of Animal Words in English and ChineseAccording to Columbia Encyclopedia, transmutation is the art of recomposing a work in another language without losing its received flavor (Columbia, qtd. in,200640). Our famous scholar Yan Fu defined the standards of the translation as faithfulness, expressiveness and elegance. Generally speaking, it is difficult for translators to restate a word individually without a sentence or a text. They should fend for the right meaning of the address language, and also follow the style of the master copy texts to keep the coherence of the initiation texts and the target texts. Translation is often compared to a bridge, which is not just between the source text and the target text but between the author of original text and the contributor of the target text(,200640 41). The close relation between language and culture determines the close ties of translation and cultur e. Translation is not just about individual words. The cultural backgrounds and cognition also play a major role in translation and restrict it. Thereforetranslation is one of intercultural communication activities. The words translation constructs the foundation of intercultural communication(the authors translation) (,200321).4.1 The Translation Strategy for animal words Sharing Similar ConnotationBecause the similar understanding of the same animal words in English and Chinese, the reader can easily get the right meaning of the words without the translators explanation. These animal words can be translated into other language directly. In other words, translators can use literal translation on animal words which share the same denotations or the similar connotation.Literal translation refers to translate a sentence originally, keeping the original forms, including construction of sentences, meaning of the original words and metaphor of the original and so on. It can not save rep roduce the meaning and frame of language, but also keep its lustrous image figure of speech and novel and unique expressive ways so that the readers can comprehend the origins literal grace(, 2011).Here are some examples of using literal translation. There is an English sayings like water mop up a ducks back to describe a phenomena that the water couldnt stay in the ducks back and all slide off without any trail. It is used to strike hard a person whom the suggestions have no effect on. Likewise, there is a same idiom in Chinese which has the same connotation . Thus, translators can use literal translation on this saying. Because the image of the rat is cautious and disgusting both in English and Chinese, the phrases A lion at homea mouse a broad and A rat crossing the street is chased by a11 can be directly translated to - and --. There are others animal words have similar connotations like black horse(), as stupid as an ass(-) and do not be a goose(). The literal translation can not just express the same connotations of animal words, but also can remain the language style of the source text better.4.2 The Translation Strategy for Animal Words Sharing Diverse ConnotationIt is a good choice to use the free translation to interpret animal words which have same denotations but different connotations in English and Chinese. Only to abandon the denotations can we guarantee that the cultural meaning would be accurately transferred. To take the typical example dragon. As we all know, dragon has a completely opponent images in Chinese and English. So, a Chinese phrase can not be translated literally into expect ones son to become a dragon. In order to avoid misunderstanding, the better translation is to expect ones son to become useful. Out of such consideration, is properly interpreted as the four tigers of AsiaBut in recent years, with the widespread of Chinese Dragon Culture, some scholars purge forward that translator can translate to Loong to reserve t he Chinese cultural characteristic(20082).In English, it has an acclaim like you are a lucky dog. But because of the different images of dog in English and Chinese, it will be considered as a curse when is translated to -. If the connotations of one animal word is dissimilar even inconsistent in two languages, the better translation strategy is only to keep the connotation, in other words, to use the free translation. Thus, the sentence you are a lucky dog should be translated into .4.3 The Translation Strategy for Different Animal Words Sharing Similar ConnotationOn the home of the summary above, there exists a situation in which different animal words share the similar connotations in English and Chinese. This type of animal words can be supplantd by each other. While translating, the translator just needs to find the matched animal words or some idioms to replace it. These are some translation instances from English to Chinese. As the analysis above, the connotations of the li on and tiger are similar. As the result, to place oneself in a lions mouth can be translated to . Meanwhile, we would better translate the English idiom kill the goose that laid the golden eggs to - rather than -. Beside, it seems no mistake to translate the phrase better be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion to -,. But the Chinese may dont understand the connotation of this translation. In addition, a Chinese saying shares the similar meaning with this phrase. Alternatively, we could use to replace the translation of -, in this phrase. The English to perk up a sleeping wolf and the Chinese both express the unwittingly action making the others awareness and prevention. In this way, these two phrases can interconvert while translating.The purpose of translation is to maintain the cultural meanings of the source texts. It is not suitable to use literal translation or free translation to translate animal words which different ones stand for similar connotation. It is easily to hurl and mislead the readers. The author thinks that the best translation strategy for these animal words is to use the similar connotation words of the target language to substitute the original animal word in source text. It is better to maintain the connotation and the language characteristic of source text as well.5. terminalAnimal words contain lots of connotations which are relied on peoples living environment, religion and the animals appearances. Since the close relation between human being and animals, and the various connotations of animal words in English and Chinese, it is really necessary to know the exact meaning of animal words to guarantee intercultural communication go on smoothly. The translation is one important intercultural communication activity. After analyzing animal words connotations, the writer finds that animal words can be divided into three categories according to their own connotation feature. Each group of animal words is suitable for one transl ation strategy. Translation in English and Chinese, translators can use the literal translation for the same animal words referring to similar meaning, and use the free translation for same animal words referring to different meaning. In addition, translators can use the same meaning animal words to replace when different words share similar meaning. But this mode is not stationary, the translators must be flexible, they should find the right connotation in the source text based on the writers intention. A successful translation is to express the deep meaning of the source texts through analyzing the satisfying texts, instead of studying on the surface.By the limited scope of knowledge of the author and insufficient time, this paper just talks about a minimal part of the study of animal words and refers to only three major translation strategies. There are more animal words which cannot be listed and discussed here one by one. But the author hopes this thesis can be helpful for the further research of animal words.

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Study Of Services Provided By Public And Private Sector Banks Finance Essay

hire Of Services Provided By Public And Private Sector deposes Finance actINTRODUCTIONBanking in India originated in the last decades of the 18th century. The oldest assert in India is the State Bank of India, a government-owned largest mercenary bank in the country. In 1991 banking arna made a remarkable progression. New private firmament banks have brought the necessary competition into the industry and acquire the changes towards higher exercise of technology, improved customer service and innovative products. India has 88 scheduled commercial banks (SCBs) 27 public sector banks (stake holding by the Government of India ), 29 private banks ( no government stake they may be in public listed and traded on stock exchanges) and 31 foreign banks. They have a unite net income of over 53,000 branches and 17,000 ATMs. According to a report by ICRA Limited, a rating agency, the public sector banks hold over 75 part of total assets of the banking industry, with the private and foreign banks holding 18.2% and 6.5% respectively.Customers are now get more conscious of their rights and are demanding more than ever before. The recent trends build that most banks are shifting from a product-centric manikin to a customer-centric model as customer blessedness has become one of the major determinants of occupation growth. Keeping these in mind, an attempt has been made in this study to try the factors that are essential in influencing the investment decision of the customers of the public as well as private banks. For this purpose, Factor Analysis, which is the most appropriate multivariate technique, has been used to identify the groups of determinants. This study also suggests whatsoever measures to formulate marketing strategies to lure customers towards banks.PROJECT BACKGROUNDSTATE BANK OF INDIAState Bank of India (SBI) is Indias largest commercial bank. SBI has a vast domestic network of over 9000 branches (14% of all bank branches) and commands one -fifth of deposits and loans of all scheduled commercial banks in India.The State Bank Group includes a network of eight banking subsidiaries and some(prenominal) non-banking subsidiaries offering merchant banking services, fund management, factoring services, primordial dealership in government securities, credit cards and insurance.ICICIICICI Bank is Indias second-largest bank with total assets of Rs. 3,849.70 zillion (US$82 meg) at September 30, two hundred8 and profit after tax Rs. 17.42 billion for the halfyear ended September 30, 2008. The Bank has a network of almost 1,400 branches and 4,530 ATMs in India and presence in 18 countries. ICICI Bank offers a wide range of banking products and financial services to corporate and retail customers by means of a variety of delivery channels and through and through its specialized subsidiaries and affiliates in the areas of investment banking, life and non-life insurance, venture capital and asset management. The Bank shortly h as subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Russia and Canada, branches in United States, Singapore, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Qatar and Dubai International Finance kernel and representative offices in United Arab Emirates, China, South Africa, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Our UK subsidiary has established branches in Belgium and Germ all(prenominal).ICICI Banks equity shares are listed in India on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the subject Stock Exchange (NSE) of India Limited and its American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).PROJECT AIMS AND OBJECTIVESTo study whether the customers are quenched with the services stick outd by ICICI bank and SBI bankTo be intimately the customer preferences among ICICI and SBI bankTo compare over all commitment, pattern of affective, normative and continual commitment in public and private sectorTo know about the variant promotional tools of Private and Public sectors banks in In diaTo make a comparative compendium of customers perception for promotional strategies of private and public sector banks in IndiaTo find out the key promotional tools for banking services on the basis of customers resultsThe above objectives lead to the following HypothesisH1 There is no significant congenatorship between the educational qualification of therespondents and the reason to deal the service.H2 There is no significant relationship between the occupation of the respondents and the image of service they prefer the most. interrogation PROGRAMMETHE MARKETING RESEARCH dishRESEARCH PROBLEMAssessment of consumer perception and behavior in relation with SBI and ICICI bank in Panipat, Haryana.RESEARCH DESIGN AND PLANThe study is both descriptive and exploratory in nature. By descriptive research the fulfilment of difference in the needs perception attitudes and characteristics of customers would be gathered. Diagnostic analysis allow for be used when customers pull up st akes be asked questions such as why do you feel that way? Exploratory studies leave alone provide cultivation to use in analyzing a situation. Descriptive research will be used to uncover conclusive evidences to determine a point course of action.The research design and plan was based on various factors like method of information collectionRESEARCH METHODThe end is basically research oriented and it depends mainly on primary sources of data. It would be acquired through close-ended structured questionnaire in various ICICI and SBI banks covered under the project. The knowledge validity depends upon the ability of the peoples understanding of the questions that is cosmos asked by the research worker.Survey Method This method would be used to get more detailed information of responders through Questionnaire. Further this is the only method to get the desired information. entropy SOURCESPrimary Data The research would be done with the help of primary data as it requires firsth and information on individual inter follows.RESEARCH INSTRUMENTResearch instrument would be a questionnaire as the data is primary. The questionnaire would be designed on the following basisTo know about the customer needs and preferencesTo find ways to provide them more satisfactionTo understand the factors that influence their decision while subscribe among the different bankssample distributionThe sample consists of all those persons who either have a bank discover in ICICI and SBI or are planning to open it in side by side(p) few months. For this research we use non-probability sampling. Zikmund (1997) stated that in non-probability sampling, the probability of any particular member of the population being chosen is unknown. The element in the population does not have any probability attached to their being chosen as sample subjects.Snow ball sampling will be applied in this research. Snow ball sampling refers to the military operation that involves the selection of additiona l respondents based on referrals of initial respondents.Elements Students, businessmen, Traders, Farmers, Workers, Salesman etc. result PanipatSurvey Time 6 WeeksSample size 200 customers are to be questioned. The target population in this research refers to the bank customers who are having an account in SBI bank and ICICI bank due to the thingmabob in collecting the data. The respondents can be any gender, any income level, any occupation and any education level.Approach 260 people would be approached ingest PLANData would be collected from both public as well as private sources from all department.Accompanying each questionnaire is a earn explaining the general purpose of the study. Participants in the study are entirely voluntary.The researcher is going to collect the data from the ATMS and also by visiting the bank. It would be directly obtained from the customers.DATA ANALYSISAppropriate statistical analysis will be adopted. The data will be tabulated and analyzed.DELIVERABL ESTo get the clear view as to which bank is more efficient in focusing on serving their customer by building long term relationships through performance excellence and delivering customer satisfaction. To know about the reliability of the response and provide major requirements by getting feedback on questionnaire.What are the reasons to choose a public bank like SBI? To examine in discernment about their loan, ATM and other facilities that attract customersTo know why some people choose SBI while other prefer ICICIBoth the banks are competing equally with each other. But SBI bank is a bit below the line in customer complaints handling when compared to ICICI bank. The researcher would aim to know where they should focus to attain more and more customers while retaining the older ones at the same time.REVIEW OF LITERATUREMaking Government the Best plant to Work Building Commitment (Belcourt, Professor of Human Resource steering at York University, 2000 and Simon Taggar.ResourcesL ibrary, internet, journels, magazines.

HPTLC Method for Determination of Edaravone

HPTLC method for Determination of EdaravoneDevelopment and validation of HPTLC Method for Determination of Edaravone in Bulk and in Injectable social disease FormA simple, rapid, reliable and accurate high performance svelte layer chromatography system has been genuine for the estimation of Edaravone in bulk and pharmaceutic dosage form. The chromatographic development was carried out on aluminum plates, pre-coated with silicon dioxide gel 60 F254, using a mixture of Toluene wood alcohol (64v/v) as mobile phase. Detection was carried out densitometrically at 254nm. Thefvalue of analyte was rear to be0.660.02. The order was authorise with respect to analogity, verity, precision, leap of detection, demarcation of quantification and specificity. The analogue regression epitome data for the calib symmetryn plots showed a good linear relationship with 2=0.9995 in the parsimony range 200600ng/ turn. The % assay (Mean S.D.) was found to be100.270.72. Accuracy of the rule was accessed by percentage recuperation and found to be99.770.71%. The method is new, simple and economical for routine estimation of edaravone in bulk, pre-formulation studies and pharmaceutical formulation rapidly at low cost in routine analysis.Keywords Edaravone, HPTLC, Pharmaceutical dosage form1. IntroductionEdaravone EDA is a neuroprotective instrumentused for the purpose of aidingneurologicalrecoveryfollowing acut ebrain ischemia and ulteriorcerebral infarction. Chemically, it is 3-Methyl-1-phenyl-2-pyrazolin-5-one. 1. It is a strong novel free antecedent scavenger, was demonstrable by Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation (Osaka, Japan). It acts as apotentantioxidant, protecting against aerophilic stressandneuronalapoptosis Furthermore, edaravone has anti-apoptotic, anti-necrotic, and anti-inflammatory cytokine effects, as well as scavenging free radicals in cardiovascular diseases and stroke, showing protective effects in the heart, vessel, and brain in experimental st udies 2-5 Different methods have been reported for the aim of EDA in the bulk drug, in the dosage forms and in biological samples. HPLC 6-7 and potentiometric titrations 8 methods be available for determination of the analyte in bulk drug and formulation. RP-HPLC 9, RP-HPTLC 10 and LC-MS/MS 11 methods ar reported for determination in biological samples.The literature survey revealed that HPTLC method is not reported for determination of EDA in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage forms.The present study describes the development and validation of a simple, specific, sensitive, accurate, precise, and economical HPTLC method for determination of EDA in bulk and injectable dosage form. The proposed method is optimized and validated as per the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) guidelines 12,13.Fig 1 Edaravone2. Experimental2.1 Reagents and chemicalsEdaravone was kindly gifted from Sun Pharmaceuticals, Vadodara, Gujarat, India. Edaravone injection was obtained from commercial sources indoors their shelf life period. All the reagents and solvents used were of analytical grade and obtained from Merck Chemicals.2.2. orchestration and chromatographic conditionsChromatography was performed on 20cm10cm aluminum foil plates precoated with 0.2mm layers of silica gel 60 F254 (E. Merck, Germany). The plates were prewashed with methanol and water mixture, dry out in the current of dry air out and activated at cxxC for 5min. Samples were applied as bands 6mm wide, by use of a CAMAG (Switzerland) Linomat 5 applicator with a CAMAG microliter syringe. A incessant application rate of 150nLs1was employed. Linear ascending development was performed in a twin-trough glass chamberwith mobile phase consisted of methylbenzene methanol (64 v/v), which gave sharp and symmetrical stage withf0.66 + 0.02. The optimized chamber saturation time was 15 min at room temperature (25C2C) and relative humidity60%5%. After development, the plates were dried. Densitometric scanning, at 254 nm, was performed with a CAMAG TLC scanner 4 in absorbance mode. The source of radiation was a deuterium lamp emitting a continuous UV spectrum in the range of 190400 nm.2.3. Preparation of Standard commonplace SolutionAn accurately weighed quantity of 10mg EDA was transferred to 10mL volumetric flasks, dissolved in methanol, and volume was made up to cross off with the said(prenominal) solvent to obtain a working standard having concentration 1000ngL1.2.4. Optimization of mobile phaseInitially, dissimilar ratios of methanol and toluene were tried, but tailing of blots was observed. Finally, the mobile phasecomprising of toluenemethanol(64v/v) gives good re closure, sharp and symmetrical peak withvalue of 0.63 at 254nm.Figure 2 Chromatogram of standard Edaravone (Rf = 0.63).3. Result and sermon validation of HPTLC methodThe proposed method was validated as per the ICH guidelines in foothold of its linearity, accuracy, specificity, intraday and interday precision, limit of detection (LOD), and limit of quantification (LOQ).3.1. Linearity (Calibration Curve)The amount of standard solution equivalent to 200-600 ng/ be intimate of EDA was spotted on the prewashed TLC plates. The plates were developed, dried and scanned as described above. The calibration plot was constructed by plotting peak beas against the agree concentrations (ng/spot) of EDA. The linearity of retort for EDA was assessed in the concentration range 200-600 ng/spot in terms of slope, intercept and coefficient of correlation coefficient values. The calibration plot showed the correlation coefficient (r2 = 0.999), the intercept (5.838) and the slope (703.3) over the concentration range of 200-600 ng/spot (Fig. 2). The results of regression analysis are shown inTable 1.3.2 Limit of Detection (LOD) and Limit of Quantification (LOQ)The limit of detection (LOD) and the limit of quantification (LOQ) of the drug were derived by calculating the signal-to-noise ratio (S/N, i.e., 3.3 for LO D and 10 for LOQ) using the following equations designated by International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) guidelinesLOD = 3.3 /SLOQ = 10 /SWhere, = the standard deviation of the response and S = slope of the calibration curve.3.3 RangeSuitable levels of precision and accuracy have been demonstrated between the upper and lower concentration limit of linearity under study.3.4 PrecisionThe intra-day and inter-day variation for the determination of EDA was carried out at threesome different concentration levels 400, 600, 800 ng/spot. Intra-day variations were assessed by analyzing these concentrations in reproduce within a day and inter-day variation was assessed by using the same concentration of drug and analyzing it different days and time.AccuracyThe accuracy of the method was determined by the use of standard addition at three different levels. The pre analyzed sample solution of 400 ng/spot of EDA was spiked with extra amount equivalent to 80 %, 100 % and 120 % of the sta ndard edaravone and the mixtures were analyzed by the proposed method. The experiment was conducted in triplicate. When these solutions were analyzed the recoveries were found to be within acceptable limits (Table 1).SpecificityThe mobile phase was optimized and it showed good result. on that point was no interference of diluents and other constituents in find peak purity. This method is specific.ConclusionA new HPTLC method has been developed for the identification and quantification of EDA. Low cost, faster speed, and satisfactory precision and accuracy are the main features of this method. The method was successfully validated as per ICH guidelines and statistical analysis proves that the method is sensitive, specific, and repeatable. It can be conveniently employed for routine caliber control analysis of EDA as bulk drug and in marketed injectable formulation.AcknowledgmentsThe authors express their gratitude to Sun Pharmaceuticals Vadodara, Gujarat, India for providing a gif t sample of Edaravone, the Management of initiate Pharmacy Degree College, Vadodara, Gujarat, India, and Anchrom Test lab Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai, Maharastra, India, for providing the necessary facilities.ReferencesJapanese Pharmacopoeial Forum, ordinal edition, March 2012 Vol.21 (1), pp. 701-702.Doherty, Annette M, Annual Reports in Medicinal Chemistry, Volume 37, Boston faculty member Press.Watanabe T, Tanaka M, Watanabe K, Takamatsu Y, Tobe A,Research and development of the free radical scavenger edaravone as a neuroprotectant.Yakugaku Zasshi, March 2004,124(3) 99111.Higashi Y, Jitsuiki D, Chayama K, Yoshizumi M (January 2006). Edaravone (3-methyl-1-phenyl-2-pyrazolin-5-one), a novel free radical scavenger, for treatment of cardiovascular diseases.Recent Patents on Cardiovascular Drug Discovery1(1) 8593.Kikuchi, K. Miura, N. Kawahara, K. Murai, Y. Morioka, M. Lapchak, P. Tanaka, E. Edaravone (radicut), a free radical scavenger, is a potentially useful addition to clot buster therapy in patients with acute ischemic stroke (review). Biomed. Rep. 2013, 1, 712.George Lunn Hplc Methods For Recently canonical Pharmaceuticals A John Wiley Sons, Inc., Publication P.p 204-206.XIA Ya Jun, ZHANG Xiao Ping Determination of Edaravone Injection by HPLC Chinese Journal of Pharmaceuticals Chinese journal of pharmaceuticals 34 352-353ZHANG Fu-Cheng, TIAN Shu -Xia, JIANG Ye Comparison Of twain Potentiometric Titration Determinations Of edaravone j Chinese Journal Of Pharmaceuticals 2005-09WEI Min, XIAO Yi (Guangxi Liuzhou Municipal People s Hospital, Liuzhou 545001, China) Determination of the ingress of Edaravone in Human Serum by RP-HPLC J China Pharmacy 2007-08M. Gandhimathi, M. Saravana Kumar, R. Baghla and T. K. Ravi RP-HPTLC Method for theIn VitroEstimation of Edaravone in Human PlasmaIndian Pharmaceutical Association Convention Volume 72Issue 2 P.p 276-282GU Li-Qiang XIN Yan-Fei ZHANG Sheng WEN Lei YANG Shi-Bao, HU Xiao-ling, XUAN Yao-Xian Determination of edaravone in plasma of Beagle click by LC-MS/MS A C 2009ICH-Guidelines Q2A, Validation of Analytical Procedures Definition and terminology, (CPMP III/5626/94), Geneva, Switzerland, 1995.ICH-Guidelines Q2B, Validation of Analytical Procedures Methodology, (CPMP/ICH/281/95) Geneva, Switzerland 1996.

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Identity of Women in Jack Kerouac’s On The Road Essay -- On The Road e

The Identity of Women in On The Road The women in Jack Kerouacs work, On The Road, are depicted as superficial and shallow, while the men display depth in character. Women are stereotyped as falling into one of three categories virginal, parental or promiscuous, and, throughout the tonic, are referred to in a facetious, derogatory manner. Sal, the protagonist, expresses male chauvinist attitudes, which are a result of both his upbringing and societal attitudes of the time. Although the raw does highlight the problem of sexism, ultimately it does nothing to criticise it, but in fact projects it. In On The Road, there are many instances in which female identity is diminished. These arise in the novels word of female characters such as Marylou (a friend of Sals and one of both wives of another central character, Dean), Sals Aunt, and Terry (a girlfriend of Sals). Marylou, for example, is treated as an bearing with the sole purpose of satisfying Dean wishes. He uses her for hi s own inner gratification and, in some instances, the cozy gratification of his friends, but does not view her as a complex individual, nor does he value her for her personality. Thus, Marylou is sensed by the male characters to fall into the promiscuous category, and is referred to in the novel as a whore. At the end of part one of the novel, the ref witnesses the unjust intercession of Sals aunt. Sal has just returned from his first trip west, and is old-hat and starving. Taking advantage of his aunts sympathy, he eats everything in her house. He does not, however express any gratitude toward this kindness, but takes it for granted. Thus, his aunt is sensed only as a maternalistic figure. He does not explore bey... ...This perception of female identity causes the men in the novel to happen superior and dominant. The sexual discrimination and denigration of female identity spare in On The Road, is a reflection of societal attitudes of the time. Works Cited and Consult ed Bartlett, Lee. The defeat Essays in Criticism. Jefferson, N.C. McFarland. 1981. Cassady, Carolyn. Heartbeat My Life With Jack and Neal. Berkeley Creative Arts Books Company. 1976. Cassady, Neal. letter to Jack Kerouac. March 7, 1947. Challis, Chris. Quest For Kerouac. London Faber and Faber Limited. 1984. Dardess, George. The Delicate Dynamics of intimacy A Reconsideration of Kerouacs On The Road. American Literature. v46 200-206. 1974. Kerouac, Jack. On The Road. New York Penguin Books Limited. 1955. Watson, Steven. The endure of The Beat Generation. New York 1978 Identity of Women in Jack Kerouacs On The Road Essay -- On The Road eThe Identity of Women in On The Road The women in Jack Kerouacs work, On The Road, are depicted as superficial and shallow, while the men display depth in character. Women are stereotyped as falling into one of three categories virginal, maternal or promiscuous, and, throughout the novel, are referred to in a facetious, derogato ry manner. Sal, the protagonist, expresses sexist attitudes, which are a result of both his upbringing and societal attitudes of the time. Although the novel does highlight the problem of sexism, ultimately it does nothing to criticise it, but in fact projects it. In On The Road, there are many instances in which female identity is diminished. These arise in the novels treatment of female characters such as Marylou (a friend of Sals and one of 2 wives of another central character, Dean), Sals Aunt, and Terry (a girlfriend of Sals). Marylou, for example, is treated as an reject with the sole purpose of satisfying Dean wishes. He uses her for his own sexual gratification and, in some instances, the sexual gratification of his friends, but does not view her as a complex individual, nor does he value her for her personality. Thus, Marylou is sensed by the male characters to fall into the promiscuous category, and is referred to in the novel as a whore. At the end of part one of t he novel, the contributor witnesses the unjust treatment of Sals aunt. Sal has just returned from his first trip west, and is fatigue and starving. Taking advantage of his aunts sympathy, he eats everything in her house. He does not, however express any gratitude toward this kindness, but takes it for granted. Thus, his aunt is perceived only as a maternal figure. He does not opine bey... ...This perception of female identity causes the men in the novel to olfactory perception superior and dominant. The sexual discrimination and denigration of female identity bare in On The Road, is a reflection of societal attitudes of the time. Works Cited and Consulted Bartlett, Lee. The trounce Essays in Criticism. Jefferson, N.C. McFarland. 1981. Cassady, Carolyn. Heartbeat My Life With Jack and Neal. Berkeley Creative Arts Books Company. 1976. Cassady, Neal. letter to Jack Kerouac. March 7, 1947. Challis, Chris. Quest For Kerouac. London Faber and Faber Limited. 1984. Dardess, George. T he Delicate Dynamics of friendly relationship A Reconsideration of Kerouacs On The Road. American Literature. v46 200-206. 1974. Kerouac, Jack. On The Road. New York Penguin Books Limited. 1955. Watson, Steven. The let of The Beat Generation. New York 1978

Analysis of My Last Duchess Essay -- Robert Browning, My Last Duchess

My Last Duchess is a poesy written by Robert cook in 1845. Its afirst person narrative of a duke who is showing the ambassador aroundhis palace and negotiating his marriage to the daughter of another(prenominal)powerful family. As they are walking through the palace, the dukestops and looks at the beautiful portrait of his lovely last duchess.The duke speaks his thoughts about the girl, and as the poemprogresses we begin to realize that his last duchess had beenmurdered. I gave commands, then all smiles halt in concert, Thismetaphorical sentence tells us that his commands were the ones thatcaused her death and her stop of all smiles together. The reasonbehind this is that she was flirtatious with all men because sheliked whateer she looked on, and her looks went everywhere.The language techniques used in this poem emphasize the Dukes LastDuchesss flirtatious character. They also hint to us the themes ofmurder, jealousy, incredulity and the Dukes psychopathic character. Theword I is quite often used. The chill I have drawn for you, butI Thi...

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Adolphe Sax the Creator of the Saxaphone :: essays research papers

Adolphe Sax didnt hunch what kind of monster he created, only if as history brusquely tells us, it wasnt any four-eyed, flying, purple people eater. Adolphe came upon a horn that would capture many another(prenominal) imaginations, save a couple of military bands, define jazz, and win all over lame highschool kids desire Lily. This colorful history has more than kinks in it than your standard garden hose, people have terrorized it, belittled it, outlawed it, and (last, but not least) demonized it. The saxophone, though one of the youngest players in the music world today, has more castatrophes and triumphs in its history than the brass family rolled up together (and impel at lame highschool kids like Brekke.) Why is this so? Where did it get off? Marco? Polo? Well it started one fine day...Adolphe, the hero for the first part of the story, was born(p) in Brussels on November 19, 1814. His father, Charles Sax, was Belgiums chief instrument maker and he was inte nt on passing the trade on to Adolphe. But, much like the history of the sax, Adolphe encountered many accidents to hinder these dreams. Adolphe wasnt a graceful boy and was addicted to accidents like nearly drowning, falling dump stairs, and the occasional fire in fathers workshop. None the less by his teens he was showing exceptional scientific discipline at instrument making. In Belgium there was a convention every year, the Brussels Industrial Exposition. At fifteen Adolphe submitted a clarinet and two flutes of bone (1830). Before he was twenty he had created a new thumb system on the soprano clarinet and redesigned the bass clarinet. Bass clarinets, beautiful and bowelless instruments, were once unreliable and unplayable instruments. Adolphe turned the monster into an elegant, regal broken wind that (gasp) played in tune. But he was turned down from first place, not because of quality, but age. On the bias of age, judges cook Adolphe, claiming he would not be appreciati ve of the honor at much(prenominal) a young age. Not appreciative of their conclusion, he turned to Paris.At twenty-eight (1842) he instal off for Paris, then the instrument-making capital (still is), to set up shop. Filled with more ambitious ideas and brilliance than his father, he stomped into townspeople and made as much noise settling in as possible. Now to really paint this picture you must have the scenario.