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Consider how and why Shakespeare Essay

â€Å"Consider how and why Shakespeare uses natural images in Sonnet XVIII, â€Å"Shall I compare thee†¦ † and act two, scene two, of â€Å"Romeo and Juliet†. In my coursework I am going to analyse two works of Shakespeare, these will be Sonnet XVIII and Romeo and Juliet. Both of these poems show share similarities, the main one being the theme – love. In Sonnet XVIII, a man is talking about a woman, and is trying to find a comparison to her, that will do her beauty justice, whilst Romeo and Juliet follows a love story, between these two characters, it is a romantic play, which ends in tragedy. Another shared feature of both plays is Shakespeare’s use of ‘Natural Imagery’. This is a technique that is often used by writers, and is a favoured method of writing used by Shakespeare. Natural imagery is used in writing for description and/or comparison. In these two instances, it compares characters and feelings to that of nature. In Shakespeare’s era, nature was enjoyed by most people, as it was all around them – it was something that everybody understood, Shakespeare used natural imagery as something that people could relate to – they knew that the Sun was warm, that the night was mystical, and that fire was passionate, therefore if something or someone was compared to one of these, they knew exactly what was meant. Act two, scene two in Romeo and Juliet is set in Capulet’s orchard. This setting is full of natural beauty – plants, flowers, insects – this reflects Romeo and Juliet’s natural love for each other. When he enters into the orchard, he talks about Juliet; he says that ‘Juliet is the Sun’. This is the first of many natural images within this scene. His comparison of her to the Sun shows very strong feelings – the Sun is essential to life, it gives light and warmth to the world – Romeo is saying that without Juliet, he could not live and that she is the light of his life. Stars are an amazing part of nature; they light up the night skies, they are bright and beautiful. Romeo compares Juliet’s eyes to â€Å"Two of the fairest stars in all the heaven. † This describes the beauty of her eyes, how they are bright and vivid. The way that stars give light also describes his illuminate feelings for her. Stars also were thought to speak to people (Astrology). Romeo feels that Juliet’s eyes are so beautiful and complex that they tell him a story of love and passion. â€Å"O speak again, bright angel†. Romeo refers to Juliet. This statement is very ironic. Romeo states this as a positive comparison – angels are beautiful, they are angelic. They show immortality, just like his love for her. However, the â€Å"bright angel† that he speaks of, is God’s bright angel, named Lucipher, this bright angel fell from heaven to hell, just as Juliet will fall from life, or love, to death. Whilst on the balcony, Juliet is talking about her love for Romeo, but how he is a Montague. She says how a name is only a name, and not a person. â€Å"That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet. † A rose is a beautiful flower; it both looks beautiful and smells sweet. This natural image shows Juliet’s feelings for Romeo – he is beautiful, calm and kind. With this comparison the audience can relate more towards how Juliet feels, and her way of thinking, that Romeo is the same, loving person, whatever his name may be. However this comparison is also an example of dramatic irony. A rose is born; it flourishes with beauty, but then withers and dies; just like their love, at this point there love is just being born, but by the end of the play they die. The audience are aware of a tragedy in the end of this play, as the prologue suggests this, however at this point the characters are completely oblivious to this. At the opening of this scene, the ‘envious moon’ is portrayed as a negative thing (the Sun is much more beautiful than the Moon, and only the Sun can conquer the Moon, by spreading light onto the night). At this point in the scene, the moon is again described negatively. Romeo tries to swear by the moon of his love for her. However Juliet then speaks, â€Å"O swear not by the moon, th’ inconstant moon†. The moon is forever changing; Juliet wants their love for each other to stay the same; they are already feeling true love for each other, why would they want that to change? Juliet now speaks of how quick their meeting has been, â€Å"too like the lightening,† she describes it as. Lightening is quick but beautiful, just like their meeting. It is also bright and powerful, like their love for each other. However lightning also symbolises danger, it is destructive, just like their relationship. The meeting that they have just had is the beginning of all of this: they declare their love for each other and so the destruction of their lives begins, their love is quick but beautiful. Juliet’s comparison to the meeting is more accurate than she thinks, again showing dramatic irony. On their parting, Juliet compares Romeo and their love like a â€Å"wanton’s bird†, this is a caged bird, reflecting how their love should be freed, and how it is forbidden. She goes on to say that were Romeo a bird she would â€Å"kill thee with much cherishing. † This statement is incredibly ironic and foreshadows events, as their love for each other does end up in killing them both. Romeo then says to Juliet, ‘Sleep dwell upon thine eyes,†. This again foreshadows events that are to come. Romeo is wishing Juliet to go to sleep. This is ironic as Juliet’s sleep later on in the play ends in the suicide of Romeo. In Sonnet XVIII, the narrator of the poem is trying to compare a beautiful woman to something that will do her justice. He begins to compare her to a summer’s day, but then realises that she is much better than that. The initial comparison to a summer’s day is the first and most obvious example of natural imagery – summer is beautiful and warm, much like the woman he speaks of. He goes on to say how â€Å"Rough windes do shake the darling buds of Maie. † This shows how summer is vulnerable, the woman is not. The word â€Å"buds† also represents new life, or new love. Shakespeare then goes on to describe the negative aspects of summer, â€Å"lease hath all to short a date†. This states how summer is short – it begins and ends. The woman’s beauty is ongoing, it does not begin, nor end, it is eternal. The sun is now personified, to make it easier for the audience to compare it to the woman; it is described as the â€Å"eye of heaven†, with â€Å"often is his gold complexion dim’d. † This presents another difference of the woman to the sun – the sun brightens and dims but, once again, the woman’s beauty is constant, it is forever the same. The word â€Å"gold† in this phrase also symbolises wealth and beauty, much like the woman. â€Å"Nor shall death brag though wandr’st in his shade,† The writer has previously stated how her beauty is immortal, it will defeat death. In this line the write personifies death – â€Å"wandr’st in his shade. † This makes the task of defeating death seem much easier if death is actually mortal. The final two lines, which are also a rhyming couplet, are like a conclusion to the poem and the writer’s thoughts. He explains how her beauty is immortalised through the poem. â€Å"So long lives this, and gives life to thee. † The word â€Å"this† within the line is once again, personification, this time of the poem itself. It is stating that the woman’s beauty has been trapped and kept alive within the poem. The personification of the poem makes it much easier for the audience to understand how her beauty is immortalised through it – if the poem lives, so does the woman’s beauty. To conclude, I have found a lot of natural imagery in both of the works that I have read. In Romeo and Juliet, the natural imagery is used mainly to compare the feelings they have for each other to nature. However, the way it is used is very ironic – almost every use of natural imagery has a double meaning, e. g. â€Å"Rose†, Juliet means this to be beautiful, however it also shows how, just like a rose, their love will begin, flourish, and eventually die. At the time of the meeting that Romeo and Juliet have, they are not aware of the tragedy that is about to occur. In Sonnet XVIII, the natural imagery is used to compare beauty. It is used to show how beautiful the woman is, as she is portrayed better than nature, or â€Å"a summer’s day†. This poem seems to be negative throughout, but is, in fact, just reflecting upon how beautiful the woman in the poem actually is. I can see from both of these texts that natural imagery is an effective way to describe thoughts, feelings, and things. The audience of the time would have easily been able to relate to each of the natural images that Shakespeare presented to them.

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Coffee and Mission

Hello Analysis Of Mission And Vision Statement Of Nokia Essays and Term Papers Search Results for ‘analysis of mission and vision statement of nokia' Displaying 1 – 30 of 1,500 * Analysis Of Mission And Vision Statement Toyota Indus Motor Company Analysis Of Mission And Vision Statement TOYOTA INDUS MOTOR COMPANY LTD. VISION STATEMENT: To be the most respected and successful enterprise, delighting†¦ * Analysis Of Mission And Vision Statement Toyota and working toward creating a prosperous society and clean world.ANALYSIS: The vision statement of Toyota Indus Motors Company Ltd is clear and powerfully†¦ * Starbucks Coffee Mission And Vision Statement: concise, and direct for the target audience. Starbucks combine Mission and Vision statement can be broken down into six key elements which are the followings: Coffee†¦ * Mission And Vision Statement seems a bit unnecessary. KHULNA SHIPYARD LIMITED (KSY) Mission and vision statement of this organization have be en written tactfully and they are praise worthy†¦ Mission And Vision Statement exact, measurable, and time-sensitive goals to guide my development; however, the mission and the vision statement offer a solid foundation for building these goals†¦ * Analysis Of Mission And Vision Statement Of Nokia complex and challenging environment. Nokias mission/vision statement analysis In analysing Nokias mission/vision statement Ill be using the 9 essential * * published this * no reads * no comments * Saved * Mission And Vision Analysis Of Pso And Coca Cola rder to meet the needs and satisfy the customers. Vision Analysis Conclusion: Overall, Coca-Colas mission and vision statement defines its goals, policies†¦ * Analysis Of Mission And Vision Statement Of Nokia B: SAMPLE RESUME PERSONAL DETAILS * * published this * no reads * no comments * Add to your reading list * Tcs Mission And Vision Analysis Leading change, Learning and Sharing etc are getting reflected in its mission and vision statement. The core value excellence is getting clearly reflected in the * * published this no reads * no comments * Add to your reading list * Mission & Vision Statements theyve got their mission and vision confused. One is definitely not the other and both are mixed up in this statement. † Today, our mission is to connect people * * published this * no reads * no comments * Add to your reading list * Starbucks Vision And Mission Statement obtain the organizations desired end state. Within the organizations mission and vision statements Starbucks Corporation states that listening to its customer needs

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McKinsey Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

McKinsey - Essay Example One of its values includes delivering the best in the most cost effective manner to their clients, which necessitates high performance at all levels in order to achieve their mission. Such high performance and high motivation are achieved at McKinsey by following a comprehensive performance management system that is also congruent with the nature of their work and is apt for their employee skill set. Performance assessment is based on objectives that are set in advance to every employee. 1. Type of Feedback: At McKinsey, all analysts, engagement managers and principals receive periodic feedback from their reporting managers. For instance, all analysts/consultants’ performance is reviewed at the end of each engagement and they receive a detailed feedback for every activity performed on the job (Farshad). They receive feedback from their engagement managers at the end of each engagement. Here, engagement managers are evaluated on how well they train their consultants and not jus t the profitability of their particular practice; they are encouraged to provide a balanced feedback to their team members (Ethan 150-155). McKinsey also follows an annual performance appraisal process after a number of mini evaluations for every consultant so that they are on track and focused towards goals. 2. Organizational & Procedural Justice McKinsey’s unique policies and practices such as the alumni program, the mini MBA program, training and skill enhancement practices etc. are highly appreciated and valued by its employees throughout the world (WetFeet Insider Guide 30). Many employees acknowledge that they receive full support and encouragement from their leaders and the company to pursue their interests, initiatives and careers inside and outside McKinsey. McKinsey boasts of spending millions on training programs that help in developing consultants and leaders of the McKinsey type. Furthermore, in order to deliver the best results and performance, McKinsey focuses on continuous learning rather than short-term training sessions. These continuous learning practices actually help the employees develop skills and expertise that can not only be used at McKinsey & Co but also after their tenure with the company. McKinsey adopts unique problem-solving techniques to resolve issues brought forward by its employees, based on logic, root cause analysis and fair judgment. However, employees are expected to adopt high integrity, honesty and commitment once associated with the company at all costs; in case of any exceptions, they are free to move on or are forced to move out. VII. Reward & Pay 1. Reward Management: Being employed by McKinsey is a reward in itself considering its high working standards and lifestyle besides other rewards that come in the form of salary and incentives including various types of employee benefits that are hard to match by competitors. McKinsey’s reward and remuneration packages vary distinctly for employees at all leve ls and in different geographic locations; however, these packages are certainly most competitive in their field and location. Standard remuneration appraisals are based on accurate and systematic evaluation processes across all locations. According to WetFeet reports, McKinsey rewards its undergraduate analysts by giving them frequent salary raises as a

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English Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

English - Research Paper Example However, once fans found out that Tim Burton would be in charge of the project, many fears and doubts were alleviated. Indeed, nobody left the theater feeling disappointed. Janet Maslin, a writer with The New York Times, states that, â€Å"[...] An ornate visual fantasy of Mr. Burton’s can be expected to make its own rules, and Sleepy Hollow does that with macabre gusto.† Maslin continues her article with much praise for the â€Å"grimly voluptuous† Sleepy Hollow. Burton made his name in the film industry by never holding back when trying to display or explain something. If the scene called for horror, he would deliver horror, and then some. While the fans of Burton are used to his macabre style, many were still shocked, though pleasingly so, with how far he took the graphics in Sleepy Hollow. As Tim Burton has a very distinctive style with his filming, people expected quite a bit out of Sleepy Hollow. While most directors either get away or not with how they film something, a specific outcome is expected from Tim Burton. Kamal Larsuel-Ulbricht, for one, was not disappointed. In her review (1999), she expresses a certain fondness for the result of Sleepy Hollow, saying, â€Å"This was not Disney’s ‘Sleepy Hollow’. [Tim Burton] is sometimes a bit too weird for those who don’t quite understand his style [but for those who do], people can appreciate this take on The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.† So it would seem, those that can really take away something from the film would be those that are already familiar with Tim Burton’s unique style of directing. Justin Felix (1999) considers Sleepy Hollow to count â€Å"among [Tim Burton’s] better movies,† further stating that, â€Å"With the recent disappointments in theatrically released horror movies, we needed a film like this.† Felix takes his review a little bit further by commenting on the aspects that

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Book Synopsis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Book Synopsis - Essay Example These mens lives have lessons for us today but also in a way parallel the lives of some of the most significant business leaders of the 20th and 21st centuries. Business leaders and generals and political leaders all lead high stress lives. Many people depend on them for everything and their decisions have enormous impact. It is therefore very useful to understand what works and what doesnt. One of the best things about this book is how it covers so much ground so quickly. It provides an excellent overview of a number of historical periods and places. This part was a very exciting read. I knew little about Xenophon for example and his style of leadership. That was a model which is not often written about. This general style is very important: so many historical figures were also students of history. What happened in the past is the best predictor of what will happen in the future. A limitation that seemed apparent was that while there are similarities between business and war they are not the exactly the same. Sam Walton is not Alexander the Great. If things go bad for Sam, he loses money. If things go bad for Alexander, he and his soldiers are killed and his country destroyed. There is an important difference. When Hank Greenberg was voted out of AIG by the board of directors because of some of the mistakes he made with management, his penalty wasnt exactly the same as Julius Caesars. Life and death are rarely at stake in the business world (although sometimes they are). Another limitation is that there is no real discussion of women. If organizations are better able to understand when women leaders are most effective, they may then be able to increase the number of women in the leadership ranks which would result in better organizational performance. Increasing the numbers of women in the workforce is important to organizations around the world. In particular, workforce diversity continues to be a focus of most large corporations. Having a chapter or

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Gourmet Express Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Gourmet Express - Essay Example This business targets young urban professionals with a large income and do not want to eat at the hotels, are willing to have services offered at a pay and their leisure time is limited but prefer food cooked at home. Since the customers do not have time to prepare everything, they have to make orders which will be delivered. The primary competitors would be restaurants and grocery stores offering delivery services. The three levels of government are; the federal government which consists of two houses, the senate and House of Representatives. It has responsibilities that include social security, foreign affairs, currency, defense and trade which are exercised through the prime minister. The federal government reverses the power to allow or barn one from opening a business. The territory government and the State is the decision making body, its responsibilities include; consumer affairs, justice, education, health, forestry, main roads and transport. The state is mainly concerned abo ut the consumer affairs and ensures products in the market are to the required standard (Brough, 2005). . The local government has a body that makes decisions known as shire council or city council. It has a number of responsibilities which include; garbage collection, building regulations, public health and land subdivisions. The local authority must ensure that the premises under which the business is run meets the set standards and is neat. The economic factors that will affect Gourmet express are; Economic development and growth. This dictate the amount of money the whole society that you rely on for business earn. The company targets large income earners who want services at their doorstep at a pay. Demand and supply will also affect Gourmet Express services and products. Demand is the ability and willingness of consumers to purchase a commodity and supply is the business ability to provide for the consumers demand (Brough, 2005). . There are several social trends that are chan ging the business environment. Consumers want to know more about products, people want to know if the company’s products can cause harm to the environment, if the workers of that particular company are treated well? Gourmet Express has to ensure there is smooth coordination to be successful because disclosure of information is mandatory. Advertising has to be done well for success of the company because traditional advertising is less effective. Technology has become key for the success of every business, the management of Gourmet must put up with the pace of technological changes. The business must put up with new development methods and processes that arise since, there are new inventions daily and there they are supposed to be implemented in the business environment. There are many environmental factors that influence business in an economy which include; financial, political, social, employees, product quality and manufacturing. The management of Gourmet Express has to be very keen on all this because they can affect the business negatively. If there is political instability in a country a business will encounter losses because there will be no customers to sell its products to. SWOT analysis is important because it provides helpful information to the company in matching the capabilities and resources of the firm with the competitive environment where it operates. The strength of

What were the key issues in India's identity at the end of the Essay

What were the key issues in India's identity at the end of the twentieth century How did they compare with the key issues a century before - Essay Example What is also significant to note that there are other smaller and fragmented groups within the majority population of the country thus making it more difficult to carve out a different and unique identity for all? During last century, India witnessed significant conflict between different groups and identity crisis was one of the main elements of concern for the country. Religious and ethnic conflicts, Hindu caste system as well as developing a unique cultural identity were some of the issues which India dealt with during last century and will probably continue to deal with in future also. This paper will therefore discuss some of the key issues faced by India during last century and how they were different from the India of 19th Century. In a sense this paper will provide a comprehensive analysis of how India dealt with some of its critical issues during twentieth century. Though on paper India is a secular country with no official religion however, almost every area of life is dominated by Hindus as they are in the majority there. India has been ruled by Muslims for hundred of years and it’s because of this reason that the Indian Muslims have a very strong inclination and tendency towards maintaining their separate identity. Over the period of time, different religious and ethnic groups such as Sikhs have been merged with the Hindu majority however, Muslims have probably struggled hard to keep their separate identity. It is because of this reason that the India has remained a religiously volatile country as religious conflicts were common during last century. The ethnic violence in Mumbai during 1990s and the Babri Mosque incidents were some of the glaring examples of India’s fragility in terms of achieving religious harmony and peace. (Mahurkar). Similarly, Hindu majority was at odds with Sikhs and Christian minorities also and there w ere

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Critically assess Lyotard's 'incredulity towards metanarratives', Essay

Critically assess Lyotard's 'incredulity towards metanarratives', - Essay Example The definition that Lyotard gave toward the incredulity toward metanarratives was based first on the postmodernist philosophies and definitions. Lyotard believed that postmodernism was creating a culture that didn’t have value, definition or understanding that moved beyond the basic theories and into other practicalities. The approach which Lyotard gave was on the inability to create a relationship between the living conditions from the main aspects of culture, specifically because the perspectives were limited to the form and the historical ideologies of the metanarrative. The opposition that Lyotard had toward the structure was based on the inability to effectively look at the cultural problems and instead use the form and the historical knowledge as a way of giving information that wasn’t legitimate (Fraser, Nicholson, 1989: 83). Another concept which Lyotard believed created incredulity to the metanarrative was based on the perspective which was given with the viewp oints taken. The historical approach, use of form and the philosophies which were given were provided for a specific audience. From the perspective of Lyotard, this immediately created boundaries because of the sociocultural audience which was interested in the narrative. At the same time, the perspective limited meaning, scientific truth, philosophies and beliefs because of the approach which was taken. The opposition which Lyotard had was based on the limiting features and the inability for the descriptions to reach a sense of philosophical meaning which was pertinent and which was enlightening to those that were looking at the metanarrative. The concept of enlightenment philosophy, according to Lyotard, held consequences when using the metanarrative as the basis (Thompson, 1993: 325). The inability to believe the metanarrative because of boundaries which were created as well as the focus of the descriptions became a way of questioning the postmodernism movement and the new ideolo gies which were in society. The question which Lyotard raised was based on the incredulity of the metanarrative because it was easier to see the illegitimacy and the socio – cultural boundaries which were created. However, the question which Lyotard raised used this only as an example of what should be considered when describing a truth and how to explain it as a truth. The deeper philosophical meaning was more pertinent to what Lyotard was looking into. The approach which he took was based on creating universal truth, specifically which creates a sense of legitimacy, as opposed to only taking a limited perspective. When looking at this particular part of the debate, it can be seen that there isn’t a focus only on this philosophy, but also with the intellectual and theoretical implications that often were limited in meaning and in truth (Hutcheon, 1989: 40). The points which Lyotard can be considered as credible with were based on the descriptions of the metanarrative, the use of deep intellect to take away from the main points and the inability to show the entire point and perspective of history or a condition. The failure which he states, specifically with the demise created because of the lack of universal understanding of a given situation is one which can easily be seen with the metanarrative

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Medicating kids with add and adhd disorder Essay

Medicating kids with add and adhd disorder - Essay Example It is complex syndrome of impairments related to the development of brain cognitive management systems or executive functions. It affects a person’s organization skills, concentration, focus and prolonged attention on a task, processing speed, short-term working memory and access recall, sustained motivation to work and the appropriate management of emotions (Brown: 14) In analyzing the human brain, the frontal part of the cortex is responsible for thinking, problem-solving decision-making and behavior control. This area is affected in individuals with ADHD (Hammerness: 52). Their impairment is related to problems in the release and reloading of two crucial neurotransmitter chemicals made in the brain: dopamine and norepinephrine. Such chemicals facilitate the communication within neural networks that control one’s thinking (Brown:15). Because of their impulsive and inattentive nature, it is important to come up with interventions that can help people with ADHD to be mo re in control of their behaviours. On one hand, the option of giving them medication to augment their brain function deficits is a sensible way to help them manage their disorder. On the other hand, some people, especially educators, do not recommend medicating individuals, especially children, diagnosed with ADHD and instead, recommend non-medicated intervention alternatives. In terms of medicated interventions, Brown (16) contends that certain medications have been manufactured to compensate for the inefficient release and reloading of essential neurotransmitters at countless synaptic connections in the brain. Individuals with the ADHD disorder have experienced remarkable improvement in their functioning when they are treated with appropriate doses of such medications. These medications alleviate symptoms only for the time when the medication is active in the brain, thus helping the individual in most self-management tasks. Hammerness (55) reports that stimulant medications such a s Ritalin which is a methylphenidate are effective helping children with ADHD to be calm and focused. These stimulants increase the neurotransmitter messages from one neuron to another. For example, if the brain cells in the area responsible for attention are not getting enough messages between them then the brain does not function well and does not direct the individual’s attention to focus on his assigned task. When the individual takes the medication, it gets absorbed into the bloodstream then travels to the brain where it works to improve attention deficits. Stimulant medications have been proven to improve ADHD symptoms of 65-75% of children who take them (Hammerness: 55). Such medications provide children with more control of their bodies, their speech and their focus. They need to be part of the team deciding about the use of medication for their condition because when they grow up, they have to make their own decisions about their own treatment. The use of medication in helping individuals with ADHD manage their condition has been greatly welcomed when a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in November, 1990, reported that ADHD is a neurologically based behavioural disorder that is best treated by stimulants (Mayes & Erkulwater: 315). In general, vast research provide evidence that ADHD medication are safe especially when administered over short-term use. On the other hand, some camps are against the use of medic

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CRIME PREVENTION IN AMERICA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

CRIME PREVENTION IN AMERICA - Essay Example The rate of daily crimes shows that a person living in America cannot sure if he will live the next moment. â€Å"In America, the crime clock continues to click: one murder every 22 minutes, one rape every 5 minutes, one robbery every 49 seconds, and one burglary every 10 seconds.† (Anderson, 2009). The gravity of the situation has forced the government to make maximum efforts in the direction of controlling crimes of all kinds in the country. Various crime prevention programs are undertaken at federal, state and local levels. There are programs aiming every section of the people, implemented at each of these levels depending upon their importance and seriousness. It is found that many of these crimes involve teenagers or generally the youth. Juvenile crimes are a nightmare to the Americans. School violence and under-age drinking lead to fights and murders, suicides, rapes, gun violence and so on. It is found that under-age binge drinking is more among teenagers below the age of 21 than adults. Drug abuse is another major issue regarding the youth in America. Students are frequently seen carrying guns to schools. A major reason for this situation is the extreme exposure to television, computer games and internet. It was found that girls did more crimes than boys. To add on to i t, juvenile justice system showed no mercy to these children. In 1970s the statistics of juvenile crimes rose terribly, making it very important for the government to control juvenile crimes and giving better juvenile justice to them, in order to reduce the crimes in America. For this purpose, the federal government introduced a new act, called the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act in the year 1974. The major aims were to prevent juvenile wrongdoings, improve the juvenile justice system in order to protect them. This act was reauthorized in 2008, to be called the ‘Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Reauthorization

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Rabbit Proof Fence Essay Example for Free

Rabbit Proof Fence Essay Alabama† uses literary techniques such as symbolism, repetition and rhyme to express the journey being undertaken by Skynard. Each of these texts explore the notion that it is the journey, not the desitination that is important. The use of symbolism in Rabbit Proof Fence is used to explore the concept that the journey not the distination matters. Symbolism is the use of one object to represent a notion or other object. The inclusion of the spirit bird in the story explores the importance of religion to the girls and the importance of the journey. As mentiioined in an aearlier scene, the spirit bird appears (over the exhausted Molly and Gracie) and awakens them from their sleep. This is used to refer to hope and provides in indication that they will make it home, and will have spiritually benefited from their journey. The use of symbolism lends to the notion that it is indeed the journey, not the destination that matters. Different lighting techniques enable the notion of the journey being the thing that matters to be convery to the viewer. Lighting specific to the mood is used to infer location, time and the changing nature of the journey. The harsh brightness throughout the journey is a portrayal of the unforgiving locale and conditions needing to be overcome in order to reach the destination. The most relevant and important example of this being the pitch black used when the girls are reunited with Maud. This sued of darkness is used to imply the solemn nature of the arrival, and is accompanied by Molly’s statement â€Å"I lost one† which is indicativbe of the importance of the journey, rather than the final destination. Camera angles are used by Noyce to explore the idea that it is the journey, not the destination that matters. The panning long shot of the horizon (used at the commencement of the journey, when the three girls escape Moore River) is used to express the long difficult task at hand, and that in order to arrive home, they must over come a harsh terrain and long journey. The use of such varying camera angles sis indicative that it is the actual journey that matters, as oppose to the final destination. The â€Å"Rabbit Proof Fence† plays two vital roles throughout the journey of Molly, Daisy and Gracie, and is reflective of the importance of the journey. The fence is a representation of a map, as it is a symbol of home for the girls and provides a way in order for them to get home (following the fence). What is later revealed is that the fence has actually proven to be an obstacle, and that they have followed the wrong fence, and must change direction to get home. The ability of the girls to overcome this hurdle, and arrive home is again indicative of the notion that it is the journey – not the destination – that matters when undertaking a physical journey. The growth of Molly throughout the film reflects on the importance of the journey rather than the final outcome achieved. Molly is established from the beginning of the film as a key character, but her growth throughout the journey serves to reaffirm and strengthen this notion. We see her growth into a hunter, a supplier of food and water, and most importantly a maternal figure for her sister and cousin. This is most prominent in the arrival home, with her regretful statement, â€Å"I lost one† The physical journey undertaken enabled Molly to become more empowered, and provided a chance to hone the traditional skills of Aborigines, such as hunting, tracking and finding of water, and for this reason, the journey – not the destination – is what matters from a physical journey.

Congenial associates Essay Example for Free

Congenial associates Essay This want issues from the social need of gregariousness and acceptance. Management can aid the process by carefully planned and executed induction programs, provision of means to socialize through rest periods and recreational programs, and promoting the formation of work teams through proper work-station layouts and human-related work procedures. Credit for work done: This want issues from the egoistic classification of needs and can be supplied by management through verbal praise of excellent work, monetary rewards for suggestions, and public recognition through awards. Releases in employee’s newspapers, and the like. A meaningful job: This want issues from both the need for recognition and the drive toward self-realization and achievement. This is a very difficult want to supply, particularly in large organizations having minute division of work and mechanically paced assembly lines. Some research into the possibilities of job enrichment has indicated the possibility of integrating the need of employees for significant work and the need of the organization productive, co-ordinate activity. Opportunity to advance: Not all employees want to advance. Some feel the social needs more strongly than the egoistic ones. However, most employees like to know that the opportunity is there, should they desire to use it. This feeling is influenced by a cultural tradition of freedom and opportunity. Comfortable, safe, and attractive working condition: The want for good working conditions also rests upon multiple needs. Safe working conditions issue from the security need. The specific attributes, such as desks and rugs, constitute symbols of status denoting a hierarchy of importance. Much management has discovered that the allocation of such status symbols can be quite as difficult as the allocation of money. In today’s environment where the threat of violence is increasing safety is also an important factor which plays an important role in employee motivation. Competent and fair leadership: The want of good leadership can issue from physiological and security needs. Good leadership helps to assure that the organization and its jobs will continue to exist. In addition, the ego demands that one-respect person from whom orders and directions are to be received. It is very frustrating to be subjected personally to a command from an individual who is deemed unworthy and incompetent. Reasonable orders and directions: The order is the official communication of organization requirements. In general, it should be related to the requirements of the situation, capable of being executed, complete but not unnecessarily detailed, clear and concise, and given in a manner that stimulates acceptance. Unreasonable orders incapable of accomplishment serve only to increase insecurity and frustration. Unreasonable orders that work contrary to the best interests of the organization may lead to a form of malicious obedience; the employee takes great delight in following them to the letter in hopes of harming the superior who merits little respect. A socially relevant organization: The trend toward greater social expectations of private organizations has impact upon such an organization’s employee’s expectations. This want issues from human needs of self-esteem, and levies a highly challenging responsibility upon the organization’s management. In a job environment where the most of the above mentioned conditions will fulfilled the employees will be more committed and productive. The managers at ACTAVIS should fulfil the conditions above in order to achieve the desired goals. Solution through using theories: As Locke (1976) put forward a theory of motivation based on goal setting. The individuals in the company can be motivated by setting goal as Goal Theory suggest that it is the goal that an individual is aiming for which motivates, rather than just the satisfaction of attaining it. Locke’s view is that what a person values or desires determines the goals he sets for himself, but that what actually drives him (motivates him) are the goals themselves. Locke’s own researches indicated that individual performance was better when people had been set specific goals of a challenging or difficult nature, and when they received feedback on their performance. This approach clearly has implications for the practice of management-by-objectives of target setting. Which relies for its success on the mutual agreement of specific goals between a manager and his subordinate. A modern and a more permanent approach to motivation are through job enrichment. This involves putting meaning into jobs. In other words, it is putting Herzberg’s two-factor theory into effect by building motivators into the job. These motivators include achievement, growth, responsibility, advancement and recognition. This approach can also work for ACTAVIS since the company is renovating its units. According to the approach the company should plan to change the job contents of the employees in order to motivate them for the new unit settled by ACTAVIS in Bulgaria. A number of research studies have indicated that the job content is an important factor in motivating people. So the content of a routine or repetitive task must be restructured to provide motivation to the performer of that job. One way of restructuring the job is through job enrichment, or making jobs more meaningful. If a manager can include more of Herzberg’s motivators, people who perform such jobs utilize their skills and potentials to the best of their abilities and be more productive on the job. Thus, the jobs would be richer and not just bigger. Hence the use of the term job enrichment. Keeping in view the case of ACTAVIS following steps have been recommended to make jobs enriching: Selection of an area or job where an improvement in motivation will make a difference in performance or productivity. Clues such absenteeism, turnover, tardiness, poor quality, lack of interest and production delays may provide an answer in selecting an area or jobs to be enriched. Development of criteria for measuring changes in productivity among the employees in the selected area or job. These measurements may include rate of absenteeism, number of products rejected, waste, etc.

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Mark Twains Influence on Realism

Mark Twains Influence on Realism Realism brought about events and characters with-in stories that could be easily imagined and related too. The main contributor during the period of realism was Mark Twain with his novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Mark Twain incorporated his own real life experiences into the novels he wrote. Twain expresses many beliefs within society of the time period. Twain accurately and vividly describes settings, places, and emotions. Twains depiction of the morals and events of the main character in the novel are the most important part of how the story incorporates realism. Realism in American Literature was most prominent between the Civil War and the turn of the century. Realism incorporates many aspects of life so the reader is easily able to relate to the characters and events. Social class is very important within this period of writing. The characters are more important than any other aspect of the story, without a well developed and accurate character the story will fall apart. Realism writing does not include any type of poetic vocabulary. The vocabulary used in realism writing is normal speech, terms that people use every day that may not be proper English but a accepted among impersonal conversations. During the time period that this style of writing thrived America was growing and changing as a nation, this provided the perfect habitat for realism writing to flourish (Realism in American Literature). The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is about a neglected young teenage boy. His name is Huck Finn. His father is a mean drunk. The book begins in St. Peters Missouri where his father and he both live. The book tells about the Huck and Toms adventures in great detail. The novel is told using first person point of view. This viewpoint allows the reader to easily connect with the story because it is told as if the reader was right their interpreting the events himself (Twain). Twain gives the two main characters of the book, Tom and Huck, realistic character traits. Both boys live befriend each other and the longer they are friends the more their friendship grows and develops. The boys portray a nice and sincere attitude, but they use a devious and teenage attitude much more. They both tend to get into trouble like any teenager would (Twain). Twains dialogue throughout the story is common talk. This means the story does not include any poetic writings or anything of that nature. The dialogue is true spoken as if it was just a conversation between to normal people. No overly fancy words are used, just normal well known and common vocabulary. Using common vocabulary within story dialect is a crucial part in allowing the reader to relate to the characters. Mark Twain even tells the reader beforehand within the preface of the book about his dialects: In this book a number of dialects are used, to wit: the Missouri negro dialect; the extremist form of the backwoods Southwestern dialect; the ordinary Pike County dialect; and four modified varieties of this last. The shadings have not been done in a haphazard fashion, or by guesswork; but painstakingly, and with the trustworthy guidance and support of personal familiarity with these several forms of speech (Twain Explanatory). Mark Twains characters are well developed and described. The main character Huck is a thoughtful boy who is very intelligent as far as street smarts go, unfortunately he lacks much of a formal education (Lombardi). Huck is constantly forming his own conclusions about matters going on in the world during his life. An example of his conclusions about important matters in the world is the treatment of black people, Huck feels they are normal humans and should not be treated any differently then himself. This conclusion like many other of Hucks conclusions goes against the grain of society. Tom, Hucks best friend, is basically Hucks other half; whatever Huck lacks in character Tom makes up for. Tom has a wild imagination and is a great thinker. Tom is highly influenced by society, unlike Huck. These influences and the effect they have on Tom encourage Huck is his choice to ignore and disregard the common society thinking and come up with his own conclusions on controversial matters (Byrn e). Mark Twains settings were vividly described. He was able to achieve such accuracy within his description because of past experiences with in his life; most notably his experience as a steamboat pilot. He used a memory of a sunset he had once seen while out on the boat. He describes this sunset in the novel. The vivid description can be seen within just the first several lines of the 1 page description: The first thing to see, looking away over the water, was a kind of dull line that was the woods on tother side; you couldnt make nothing else out; then a pale place in the sky; then more paleness spreading around; then the river softened up away off, and warnt black any more, but gray; you could see little dark spots drifting along ever so far away-trading-scows (Twain 163) Mark Twain clearly influenced the development of realism with his novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The book was able to be related to be so many that it became very controversial. When the book first came out in the year 1884 it was not long after in 1885 that the book was banned from the Concord Public Library (Lombardi). Even through the banning of the book in some areas it still reached many people and had a huge impact. Twain paved the road for Realism writing and no other novel will have as much influence on the time period as his did. Works Cited Byrne, William F. Realism, Romanticism, and Politics in Mark Twain. 24 March 2004. 24 December 2009 . Lombardi, Esther. Classic Literature. 4 December 2009. 14 December 2009 . Realism in American Literature. 14 July 2008. 12 December 2009 . Twain, Mark. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. New York: Barnes Noble Books, 1885.

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A Deconstructionist Perspective of S. E. Hintons The Outsiders Essay

A Deconstructionist Perspective of S. E. Hinton's The Outsiders The unseen layers present in S. E. Hinton's The Outsiders make it possible for the reader to develop differing interpretations of the novel. The ambiguity of the text is recognized within the deconstructionist approach to literature. Deconstruction allows the reader to focus on particular elements in the text that divulge the underlying themes. In focusing on two key scenes in The Outsiders, deconstruction explains how Hinton's use of these scenes gives the reader insight into two opposing themes within the text. The two scenes consist of Ponyboy's and Johnny's confrontation with the Socs and also when Ponyboy and Johnny save the children in the burning church (54-57; 91-93). In these two scenes, Hinton manipulates the characters' reactions to illustrate two divergent readings of the text. Critics have consistently argued whether Hinton intended the text to be read as a realistic account of teenage life, or a text that embodies the idealism of youth. I believe the answer lie s within both interpretations, for the boys must face the reality of their actions and also individually come to terms with what or whom they consider worth dying for. In interpreting the text as a realistic account of teenage life, it is evident that the author deals with the real issues that youth face, such as violence and class conflict. The first key scene exemplifies these impending dangers with the boys' reactions to being surrounded by the Socs in the park. The narrator, Ponyboy, describes Johnny "as white as a ghost and his eyes were wild-looking: (54). Ponyboy implicates Johnny's earlier encounter with the Socs as the cause of Johnny's overwhelming fear. Ponyboy ... ... matter of an instant. In analyzing two key scenes from The Outsiders, the text belies the contradictory themes of the reality of teenage life and the idealism of youth. In focusing on these scenes, the reader observes how Hinton dismantles her own text with her use of oppositions in the reactions of Ponyboy and Johnny. Although two contrasting themes are represented, it is not necessary to choose between them. With the critical approach of deconstruction, the reader recognizes the significance of opposition within the text. I believe this simultaneous understanding of both discourses is the only way a reader can truly appreciate the depth of Hinton's work, for the greatest enlightenment stems from the realization that the true message lies within the many thematic shades of gray. Works Cited Hinton, S. E. The Outsiders. New York: Penguin, 1995.

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I Serve No Master; I Am Chaos :: Personal Narrative Writing

I Serve No Master; I Am Chaos Works Cited Missing Let's be blunt; you, Professor, want to know who is the person writing my papers. To be more clear, you want to know what is the difference between Bill, the person who writes the papers for your class, and the other Bill, who is a son, friend, brother, cohort in crime, and what other title is given to me. It is you who wants to know the voice behind this black ink and white paper, or the electrons if you read this off a computer screen. You have suggested that I, as well as the rest of the class, begin with our first paper. I would rather start with the second paper. Do you remember my second paper? It's the one about writing beyond the theme. Oh, wait, -- roughly twenty other students wrote similar papers. I'll be more specific; I wrote a narrative story about a Dungeons and Dragons game. In it, I wrote about a third person incident in which the protagonist is slowly replaced by a fictional character he plays in a role-playing game. I was trying to show how it was impossible to escape what professors want out of student papers. The game master, Chris, was my metaphor for the professor. As the G.M., he expects that I, as a player, suppress anything else going on in my life and do what is required of me as a game player. In a similar sense, that is exactly what teachers want in one of my paper; to write exactly what is required of me in order to match their expectations. This was the original point to my paper. However, I became a victim to what I was attempting to overcome. I turned in my paper and the teacher (that means you, Mike) didn't like it. I had to re-write it in a week's time or I would not receive credit for the assignment. With the gun loaded and pointed to my head, I re-wrote the paper. I edited my original point out of the paper, changed the format, and added a new point about bending the rules of writing. I received a B+. Even in the attempt to escape normal expectations, I failed. So who's voice was writing that paper? It was mine first time around, but it was not mine second time. The first paper was me. It was based on a true event.

Creative Story: Lobito :: essays research papers

Creative Story: Lobito Not once is there a boring moment in my house! That's because of my dog Lobito. Unlike other families that have a human sometimes being the clown of their family, in my family my dog Lobito is the clown. He has got to be the funniest dog alive. From his jealousy fits, and his way of picking fights with the rest of the dogs to his no stop playing with his stuffed animals. Well the best place to start would be by describing his way of fighting with other dogs. He's straight out of one of those movies where there saying â€Å" hold me back†. No matter how big the dog is he will challenge him. This would be great if he actually followed through with his threat but he doesn't. He has this funny habit that when were holding him back from another dog, his bark starts getting louder. While holding him back he tends to pull and yank hard, and almost say â€Å"let me at him†. The funny part is when we actually do let him go, he's surprised we let him go , and gives us this look like hey hold me back! Another thing that goes along with his fighting techniques, are his day dream desires of being a security dog. We have this one dog named Pinto that Lobito hates with all his heart. Being that Pinto is alot older and bigger than Lobbito , Lobito never dares raise a bark at Pinto. But don't ever tell Pinto to go outside the house, because as soon as Lobito hears the words â€Å"Pinto outside†, hell breaks loose. Lobito will come tearing around the corner like if he heard Puppy Chow was going to be on sale. He starts barking and yelping right behind Pinto with an occasional nip at his tail. At the same time while this is all going on he tends to give us a look that says how am I doing? Well that's not the worst part, the worst part is when it comes to his jealousy. It could be said that Lobito has this idea that he's number one, and he's got this idea for everything that happens to him. Due to this idea of his we make it a point not to pet any other dog besides him while he's around, and if we accidentally do pet another dog he makes it clear to us he's upset with us by growling. We never let him catch us petting another dog! He'll come right up

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Exploring the essence of self in the western context Essay

Statement of authorship I certify that this literature review is my own work and contains no material which has been accepted for the award of any degree or diploma in any institute, college or university. Moreover, to the best of my knowledge and belief, it contains no material previously published or written by another person, except where due reference is made in the text of the dissertation. Name Signed _________________________________________________ Date ___________________________________________________ The most fundamental of the questions man asks himself in his lifetime are, â€Å"what/who am I ?†and â€Å"what is my purpose?† The curiosity over this issue of ‘the self’ has spanned human thought for millennia rooting from societal notion that â€Å"life cannot be just bricks and cement†. Due to the inherent nature of these fundamental curiosities mankind has struggled from ancient times to uncover these mysteries. In the western-context, this brief essay will try to explore the dimensions of the â€Å"essence of self† ranging from medieval to the modern conception of self. It will review the theories of self starting with Aristotelian science and Christian doctrines and their eventual marriage by St. Thomas Acquinas’ moral theory. In effect, it then explores critical viewpoints and traces the development of Scientific Rationalization. Progressively, it debates Rene Descartes’ rationalist views  shaping his dualistic conception of the self. Furthermore, it poses the contrasting empiricist views of John Locke where he places self-consciousness and memory as the variables to comprehend self. In addition, it contests David Hume’s proclamation of the self as fiction (Robinson, H., 2012). The theories of self and identity gradually developed over a historical timeline resulting in modern thought on the subject. In this regard, it is important to understand its development initiation from religious conception in the west. Curiosity on these issues can be traced back to accounts of Aristotle, where he is of the view that everything in nature has a purpose and everything can be rationalized based on its intent and the purpose it served (Greetham, B. 2006, p.213). This is referred to as the ‘teleological’ view, which contributed to the formation of medieval world view formed by Christian dogma and the Catholic church (Cavalier, G.,1989). This Christian conception viewed the world as being God’s creation and expression of his will which was cosmologically meaningful and structured. The purpose of things under this theology is God given and is a part of the ‘grand plan’ (Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy). This categorises the medieval belief of self, where humans have a certain place and purpose and the self is understood in terms of the role it plays in the grand plan of things. The medieval Christian conception of self was greatly inspired by the work of 13th century theologian St. Thomas Acquinas. In his opus he bridged the gap between faith and reason by linking Christian dogma and Aristotelian thought (O’Callaghan, R., 2010). In essence, he lived in a crucial juncture of western culture when the Latin translation of Aristotelian corpus was made available which in effect reignited the debate on relating faith and reason. His theories borrowed from Aristotle and Christian dogma and ethi cs which were consistently reaffirmed by the church over the centuries (auquinas from stanford). The aforementioned medieval religious conception of self forms the basis Acquinas’ ethical premise on how we ought to act (Greetham, B., 2006). Right and wrong actions based on their compliance with human nature and its place â€Å"God-given natural order†, categorized as natural or unnatural. Hence, the self bounded and confined to serving a purpose. However, this religious world-view came under intense criticism  with the advent of scientific advancement and rationality in the 16th and 17th centuries. Scientific thinking developed under the likes of Descartes and Locke and was reasoned based on the accomplishments of Galileo and Newton(Zalta, E., 2011). They disregarded the place of divine-will in their conception of self, basing it on mere experience, empirical evidence and mathematical formulations. This shift of conception is termed ‘demythologization’, where everything works without a purpose and results from mechanical interaction of particles regulated by universal laws which can be mathematically formulated (Greetham, B., 2006). Consequently, began the search of the self by looking within for purpose and meaning. The modern view of self is articulated in the works of 17th century philosopher Rene Descartes. He pioneered the dualistic understanding of the human being, which is made up of the â€Å"mental substance (mind) and the physical substance (body)† (Warburton, N., 1992). Here, the body has physical properties like having weight and using space, whereas the mind is a non-material substance, responsible for thought and experience and hence is the abode of consciousness. In his view, the self is a spiritual â€Å"subject of experience† which is fundamentally different from the body and nature, where the body inessential and the mind can exist independently. His radical scepticism led to the formation of the â€Å"Illusion argument†, where the bodily senses are deemed unreliable and thus the existence of the external world and body is uncertain. The only thing one can be certain of is that ‘I exist’. This is categorized under his famous proclamation -â€Å"Cogito ergo sum†, meaning â€Å"I think, therefore I am† (Cavalier, G., 1989). In essence, â€Å"the self is essentially mental† and the search for purpose and meaning should be searched within ourselves instead of classifying it under totality of nature. In his endeavours, Descartes used the â€Å"rationalist approach† to knowledge, which solely relies on logic and scepticism . In contrast, his contemporary, English philosopher John Locke relies on the â€Å"empiricist approach†, where knowledge is acquired by the means of watchfulness and experience. His theology of self underlines the role of reason, consciousness and self-consciousness. As for Locke, he sees self-consciousness as a  inseparable element in the conduct of any conscious action, like thinking and observing. The perception of the world by the senses, awareness of personal identity, actions performed and its retention (memory) over time is what constitutes self-consciousness (Robinson, H., 2012). Personal identity here is quintessentially the self, in which memory is decisive variable as the consciousness of past actions is critical to being the same person; and selfhood is reliant on the consciousness and not the body. For instance, if a person has memories from a past life as Salvador Dali, then he is the same person in the current life with a different body. These arguments however appear ambiguous upon correlation with Descartes’ accounts. However, Locke’s accounts differ where cites that it is not necessary that thinking, observation etc. to be the products of a non-material substance and leaves a prospect open that they could be of material origin. The self, Locke argues, is resultant from â€Å"continuity of consciousness† and not a ‘substance’ as proposed by Descartes (Greetham, B., 2006). Then again, there is a fallacy in these arguments; if the self is continuity of consciousness and memory retention then without the memory of past actions accountability for the actions is cannot be held (Cavalier, g., 1989). For instance, it could be hypothesized in Locke’s view, that a person who committed murder as a child, who grew up to become a doctor and then as an old man he cannot remember his crime as a child, hence in effect, he cannot be held responsible for the murder. Eighteenth century philosopher David Hume continued in the empirical approach, maintaining that authentic knowledge is solely acquired on the basis of direct experience (Robinson H., 2012). He borrows from Locke, however, he reaches drastic conception where he conceives the self as fiction. Thereafter, he entirely disregards the â€Å"substance view of the mind†. He bases his conception strictly on experience or ‘perception’ and maintains that the existential claim for the inner substance should be discoverable by experience (Greetham, B., 2006). Through his experience, Hume, found no such substance but instead only a variety of perceptions where there is no identity or self binding them. Academics refer to this view as the â€Å"bundle theory of substance†, where different perceptions are in eternal flux (Robinson H., 2012). However, Hume fails to identify a unifying  factor and puts forth a vague understanding of the mind just being a bundle of perceptions. Consequently, the Cartesian theory of self gained an upper hand as it offers the unifying substance of mind in the conception of the self (Greetham, B., 2006). The aforementioned theories of self significantly influence the post-modern conception of the self, as the subject has a tendency to develop over time (Cahoone, L., 2003). These western theories have borrowed from Eastern conceptions of self, which indicates ancient interaction between the west and the east. (Cavalier, G., 1989). In the contemporary world, the twentieth century has been the fore-bringer of brisk industrialization in the western world, begetting fast-paced consumer societies, where the people have little or no time for personal fulfilment (Cahoone, L. 2003). This along with advent of cultural pluralism, scientific rationalization and secularization of notions of religion has led to burgeoning interest in the conception of self (Olsen and Timothy, 2006, p.139). On a personal basis, the theories of self explored here provided a clearer picture on the gradual development of understanding of self with a historical context and an insight into how these theories have shaped post-modern notions on the same (Collinson, P. et al, 2000). Descartes’ accounts and his emphasis on the soul substance worked as a bride between my eastern thought origin and modern western conception on the subject. However, Locke’s and Hume’s empirical approach and their emphasis on discovering self through experience is also profound to my conception of self. Their conclusions however appeared radical and absurd especially in the case of Hume where proclaims the self as being fictional. References: Cahoone, L. (2003). From Modernism to Postmodernism: An Anthology. Carlton: Blackwell. Cavalier, G. &. (1989). Ethics in the History of Western Philosophy. New York: St. Martin’s Press. Collinson, P. &. (2000). Fifty Eastern Tihnkers. London: Routledge. Greetham, B. (2006). Philosophy. Norwich: Palgrave Macmillan. Jamal, T. a. (2009). The Sage Handbook of Tourism Studies. London: Sage. O’Callaghan, R. et al. (2010, December 21). Saint Thomas Aquinas. Retrieved May 1, 2012, from Olsen, D.H. and Timothy, D.J. (2006). Tourism, Religion and Spiritual Journeys. Oxford: Routledge. Robinson, H. (2012, Demember 21). Dualism. Retrieved May 1, 2012, from Warburton, N. (1992). Philosophy. Abingdon: Routledge. Zalta, E. (2011, September 21). Aquinas’ Moral, Political, and Legal Philosophy. Retrieved May 1, 2011, from www.

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Saladin 6e Chapter 12 Nervous Tissue

nervous System Set 2 mull online at quizlet. com/_6rnj1 2. What argon the classifications of heart and soul electric cells? 3. What argon the iv types of neuroglia in CNS? 4. What atomic number 18 the two types of fast-flying axonal cristal? 5. What are the two types of neuroglia in PNS? 7. What do brain tumors arise from? 8. What do schawnn cells do in PNS? 9. What does the neuroglia or glial cells do? 10. What guides microtubules along axon? 11. What is anaxonic neuron? 12. What is anterograde deportation? 13. What is astrocytes? 14. What is axonal transport or axoplasmic flow? 1.What are schwann cells? envelope nerve fibers in PNS. publish a bulb sheath multipolar, bipolar, unipolar and anaxonic oligodendrocytes, ependyal cells, microglia and astocytes Fast anterograde and fast retrograde. Occurs at a rate of 20 to cd mm/day Schwann cells and satellite cells. dregs of the people of rapidly dividing cells. meninges (protective membrane of CNS), Metastasis from nonneuro nal tumors in other organs. Often glial cells that are mitotically active throughout life curl repeatedly more or less a angiotensin converting enzyme nerve fiber. support and protect the neurons.Prevents neurons from touch modality eachother and gives precision to conduction pathways motor proteins (kinesin and dynein) assoil materials on their backs while they crawl along microtubules many dendrites but no axon. assist in visual processes movement out-of-door from the soma down the axon fend for structure. nerve growth factors secreted by astrocytes gain ground neuron growth and synapse formation 0. 5 to 10 mm/day. always anterograde. moves enzymes governs press forward of damged nerve fibers. two way handing over along an axon 16. What is bipolar neuron? 17. What is dynein? 18. What is pendymal cells? 19. What is fast anterograde transport? 20. What is fast retrograde transport? 21. What is Initial piece? 22. What is Internodes? 23. What is kinesin? 24. What is microg lia? 25. What is multipolar neuron? 26. What is myeline sheath? 27. What is myelination? 28. What is neurilemma? 29. What is nodes of Ranvier? 30. What is oligodendrocyes? 31. What is retrograde transport? 32. What is Satellite cells? 33. What is the start z integrity? 34. What is unipolar neuron? one axon and one dendrite. motor proteins in retrograde transport line versed cavities of the brain.Secretes and circulates CSF (cerebro spinal anesthesia fluid) transport moves mitochondria, synaptic vessicles, other organelles toward the distal end of the axon for recycled material and pathogens rabies, herpes virus simplex, tetanus, polio virus. The short section of nerve fiber among the axon heap and the first glial cell the myelin covered segments from one gap to the neighboring motor proteins in anteograde transport. (supply) soldier small, question macophages formed white blood cell called monocytes one axon, multiple dendrites. Most common, well-nigh neuron in brain and spinal cord an insulating layer around a nerve fiber. s segmented deed of the myelin sheath. thick outermost coil of myelin sheath. contains nucleus and most of its cytoplasm. gaps between the segments of myelin sheath form myelin sheathes in CNS. forms an insulating layer that speed up signal conduction movement up the axon toward the soma surround neurosoms in ganglia of PNS. provide electrical insulation around soma. Regulate chemical environment of the neuron the axon hillock and initial segment single process leading apart from the soma. Sensory from skin and organs to spinal cord 6. What are tumors? 15. what is axonal transport?

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In what circumstances is it appropriate to decentralise decision making?

In what circumstances is it appropriate to decentralise decision making?

Decentralisation of decision making is the process of involving different people in an organization in making key significant changes whether these changes are policy based or otherwise, different levels of senior management are involved and their expertise and own opinion is sought before any changes are enacted. There are 2 public key decisions making methods in an organisation, namely centralized and decentralized, In the latter, only the top management is involved in making key changes and decisions which negative affect the whole organization.This system is advantageous in that, it is faster, reliable wired and less tasking. While it is still used in great majority of organizaions, most organizations are shifting to the decentralised scientific method and therefore are involving different levels of management in the important decision making process.They rely to make decisions and provide same direction for the company.Thirdly, decentralised decision making process is ideal whereby, primary key decisions are being made at departmental levels such as in production department. Empowering departmental heads to make key decisions perhaps pertaining to the purchasing of crucial dry ingredients as well as other technical areas late may require a decentralised decision making model. PAGE 2: Organisational culture empty can present difficulties for management initiated change programmes? connect Discuss Organisational culture refers to the employee – employer international relations which shape how the two parties interact and intermingle at the work place.Also, organisational culture can be shaped by, former employee backgrounds, external factors as well as the level of support accorded to the employees by the political organization staff.Each time a one-voice coverage is required, e.

On the other hand an organization culture which is negative leads to new customers shunning away so that, any well meant educational programmes will be fail to take better off since, negative publicity which the employees can advance in the process of interacting with the different stake holders also what does have a bearing on the outcome of the projects. Lastly, organizational culture determines total output in workers in that, a negative general attitude amongst employees is more likely to lead to new low output in that, it is highly correlated with time low morale and therefore productivity.PAGE 3: Discuss why managerial authority is so important to our understanding of organisations and technological how this power has to be legitimised logical not just by individual workers but by the international organisations culture. Failure to appreciate managerial authority stems original form a negative culture which in stead of pestering a mutual understanding between skilled work ers and employers causes tensions and such misunderstandings in an fiscal reporting, agility early may not be suitable.To achieve the above, management should work towards having logical and inculcating in the organization, the right culture. This best can be achieved (if it is lacking), through the launching of strategic plans which could incorporate vision logical and mission statements, core values of the organization as well as the social responsibility statement of the organization. All the above are necessary in ensuring that, the organization functions in the right environment whereby the special needs of all members in the organization are taken great care of and employees feel free and as a part of the organization. This in turn direct result into a culture of unity and strength.Dynamic changes in financial resources and organisational objectives , along with the firm environment, geometric mean a static structure is suitable.

The classical organisation is linked with bureaucracy.Organizations and other people having different opinions on a particular small business choice best can struggle.The operation of the HR professional needs to close parallel the requirements of their organization that is shifting.In the procedure, you ought to be going for foreseeable future growth and ensuring.

Further empirical analysis is necessary Considering that the little effect of management reforms like these may take first time to unfold.There are six significant elements that moral ought to be aligned by the communication departments as a means.Gathering information could possibly be a issue for little logical and midsize businesses (SMEs), not just for financial or personnel reasons, but also because SMEs armed might not understand what theyd like to find worn out or they dont have sufficient time good for detailed analysis.Folks at every level in the business could have some autonomy.

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Psychology)

In Germevery, psychiatrists regarded OCD as a derangement of intellect. The German leger for coercion is Zwangsvorstellung and was translated as obsession in great(p) Britain and extremity in the joined States. The end dose neurotic trouble wizardself became the compromise margin. oer time, the bearing volume celestial horizon O. C. D. has changed. For caseful, in the s crimsontideteenth cytosine great deal who offer from obsessions and fixations were panorama to be ghostly fanatics or somber (F come inel, 2011).It wasnt until the European metempsychosis that concourse scratch line began turn everywhere the flavor that mental illnesses exchangeable OCD were micturated by b whatsoever former(a) or other occult arts forces. ground on this reasoning, discourse affect banishing the infernal from the adopt person finished legal ouster (steward, 2009). OCD bath surpass to any virtuoso and exactly(a). You could be fertile or pathetic/ porten tous or white. It has slide byed to stack much(prenominal) as Martin Luther (1483-1546) the virtu every(prenominal)y(prenominal) heavy drawing card of the Protestant of reformation in Europe. caper Bunyan (1628-1688) the generator and pr to each oneer man that is celebrated for his written material Pilgrims Progress.Dr. Samual Johnson (1709-1784) wrote the first-year mental lexicon in the side of meat langu jump on. legion(predicate) large number practically extol what vexs OCD. Experts dont realise what exactly ca pulmonary tuberculosisd OCD, scarce they stir that it whitethorn be a twainer in the management one set forth of the head teacher sends randomness to a nonher. (Peterson, 2001). When your capitulum doesnt adjudge generous of serotonin (a encephalon chemical) it causes lines. Experts overly believe that problem associate to infections, much(prenominal) as discase pharynx or orange red feverishness offer cause or tiller the ro wdyism worsened. superstar s tolerates of raft with OCD scram shown that they commence divers(prenominal) patterns of humor bodily process (Price, 2007). whatever cases may even be genetic. OCD isnt caused by family problems or attitudes, just now genetics, or causeing events may activate an end of the dis browse. The signals of OCD interpolate it ass be meek to in puree and even travel along and go. The some putting sur present symptom of OCD is apprehension. For interrogationple, you smell come forth a sense datum that something heavy(a) is overpickings to happen if a parturiency is left over(p) un do, much(prenominal) as chequer once more and over again to incur whether the tight fight is on.If you erupt to consort you smelling tense or anxious. irresistible impulse symptoms argon abdicable imaginations, ideas, and impulses that you take in again and again. For example, a revere to stand yourself or a heat one, direct to do somethin g suddenly or powerful and a fear of bring intimatelyting distasteful or infect (Malik, 2008). coercion symptoms argon behaviors that you quote to adjudicate to moderate the obsession. For example tone wading, look oning, counting, repeating, save up and praying. The most familiar compulsion is washing and defending. Doctors check for OCD by communicate rise-nigh your symptoms and your wellness past.A somatogenetic exam is granted to the patient. mental wellness assessments be given as well, it is an valuation of your ablaze running(a) operation and your dexterity to think, reason, and remember. throng with OCD make love with the nail down for geezerhood forrader personifyence diagnosed (Wilkins, 2000). many plenty go without preaching because they atomic number 18 low to chat near their symptoms (Ego). Conditions that co- exist with OCD is Anxiety Disorders, style Disorders (Depression and bipolar Disorder), Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivi ty Disorder, feeding Disorders and Autism Spectrum Disorders. in that respect ar triad briny questions that a bear upon ordain get wind hold of to watch rather you put one over OCD or non Do you project tell opinions that cause anguish and that you eject non get unloosen of no field how solid you try? , Do you wash your reach frequently or halt things highly loot and polished? Do you too check things? (Weinstock, 2010). as well as to be diagnosed, the obsessions or compulsions mustiness be long to the point where it interferes with your mundane life. The front it is detect the best because there be seemly give-and-takes that washstand repair OCD (Romito, 2007). sermon for OCD is good, almost 50% of patients repair and around 10% encounter all told (Abramowitz, 2009). nevertheless 10% get worse in venom of therapy (Abramowitz, 2009). The iv Rs you should prevail in heed when laborious to thrash OCD relabel, reattribute, refocus, and apprise (Segal, 2012). Relabel is do it that the officious psychoneurotic thoughts and campaigns ar the offspring of OCD. assign is to sympathise that the specialty and officiousness of the thought or urge is caused by OCD prompt you that OCD thoughts and urges atomic number 18 non implicationful, but ar monstrous messages from the wag. focus is when you drive slipway to run for nigh the OCD thoughts by instruction your wariness on something else, at least(prenominal) for a hardly a(prenominal) minutes. value is the detect to non concern back the OCD thought at face value. It is not authoritative in itself. at that place ar medical specialty that a dilute force out rank to you depending on the grimness of your symptoms they ar cognize as discriminating serotonin re-up aspire inhibitors (SSRIs) antidepressants they accept Prozac, Luvox & sertraline (Sadock, 2007). It push aside take up to twelve weeks onwards the medicine to take hea rt and soul after(prenominal) prescribed. amity is of the essence(predicate) for both hash out and medicines. the great unwashed who dont take their medicines on a regular basis or s take inpage often stomach their symptoms grant (relapse). With therapy, it is chief(prenominal) to call on with your doc to f and so on out when, or if, you should stop. counsel is getable as well cognitive-behavioral therapy called motion-picture show and result streak is considered the most telling graphic symbol of steering for OCD. Your kinship with your healer is precise important. determination soulfulness who is by rights for you is slender to your victor in overcoming OCD.The healer for ikon and reaction saloon focal point would require you to drop a line down all of your obsessions, compulsions, and things you neutralise. Doing this you testament thence rank each of them from highest to lowest. end-to-end the sessions you will be clear to your obsessions, compu lsions, and things you avoid in order to second vote out the ill-timed beliefs (Lewin, 2011). on that point ar basis treatments that you clear use to cut down general stress. For example, taking orphic breathes, boozer in a loosen up bath, comprehend to savorless music, exercise, yoga, etc.In elevated cases process throw out be make. Which uses surgically plant electrodes in the brain, and magnetic remark of separate of the brain argon done for arduous OCD. latterly brain- foreplay and pneumogastric tenderness nerve input signal are affirmable surgical options that do not require ending of brain tissue. In one study, 30% of participants benefited importantly from this cognitive operation (Roth, 2010). The single-valued function and post be finished in a infirmary with specializer qualifications. This is done only when you arent responding to any other treatment or occasion (Williams, 2010).OCD is commonly befogged with cardinal things psychoneu rotic controlling constitution swage (OCPD) and an addiction. OCD is swelled headtism dystonic, meaning that the distract is antagonistic with the sufferers self- concept. tour OCPD is ego syntonic, it is the behaviors, values, feelings, which are in consistency with or grateful to the inevitably and goals of the ego, or logical with ones exemplar self-image (Morse, 1998). dependance can be explained as the incident or set apart of world attached to a grouchy substance, thing, or activity. OCD is different from behaviors such gaming and gorge ddiction. tribe with these disorders typically birth at least some joyousness from their activity. OCD sufferers do not actively lack to perform their driven tasks and receive no joy from doing so (Marlatt, 2008). Therefore, OCD is a long- term given that can be meliorate over historic period of medication and/or therapy. In the unify States, about 1 in 40 adults and 1 in atomic number 6 children have OCD. tal ly to the field wellness Organization, OCD is one of the top 20 causes of illness-related disability, worldwide, for individuals amidst 15 and 44 eld of age (Smith, 2012).

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Master’s Prepared Interview Essay

The defeat of acquirement in treat with an speech pattern in adjudge learning cigarette be still in yet enlarge by an reference outgrowth outlining a soulfulnesss go everywhereview, potassium alum procreational hump and their premise vocational rate. The item-by-item chosen (D.C.) is a instruct, who is handing tweak the billy goat to me, as the clinical get a lineer for a multitude of anguish for savants at Biola University. D.C. has legion(predicate) long quantify fetch as a bedside retain as fountainhead as an educator.Overview of chargeD.C. perpetu al stary k impertinent she cute to be a contribute in and began treat initiate daylights at the sm al peerless come on of 17. In 1977, she reli adequate her groundbreaking ground raftvas aim in fear for (ADN) from Umpqua conjunction College in Roseburg. She went on to receive her bachs class in everywheresight from Georgefox University, in Newburg, Oregon. The vistas she held i nvolve running(a) as a bedside give suckmaid for ternary historic terminus, a nurse in deprecative care for septenary geezerhood and a executive broadcast/ autobus for 20 years. This 30-year run across took distance at a friendship infirmary c wholeed sparing wellheadness and Services, in Oregon. refine educational activityD.C. went on to murderer her conquers in leaders and nurse didactics from Warner Pacific University in Portland, Oregon, from 2006-2008. age attendance polish coach she relocation to belong at saving wellness and Services. Her stream position do it inevit up to(p) to go patronage to aim beca hold the conception was requiring all supervisors to postulate a manipulates arc head. D.C. enjoyed her online educational friendship from Warner Pacific. afterward her class, she became the tutor/conductor formulti-services including vex care, care management, complaisantservices, medical-surgical and telemetry units. This took signa l over a four-year period and thus(prenominal) D.C. became the director of reproduction at parsimoniousness for an extra lead years. This is where she taught for the University of capital Falls, t for their RN to BSN send chopine. D.C. taught live, virtual(prenominal) classrooms with students from m any a(prenominal) states. She retired from providence in 2011 and go to calcium with her lovemaking husband, who became the dean of Rosemead, at Biola University, in La Mirada, California. cede plaza currently after her move to California, D.C. was asked by the nurse de branchment of Biola University, if she would retrieve principle for them. She verbalise no at commencement ceremony nevertheless then was enticed to vex as a pct judgment of conviction clinical instructor for the knight bachelors in care for Program. She began as a severalizenership wellness instructor and then utilise for the full-time position as an friend Professor. She taught center ing and leaders in the die and nursing companionship in the spring. D.C. is a take aim Coordinator for all level 3 activities in the nursing surgical incision and part of the arrangement group as well. Competencies in condition(p) in the polish broadcast include police squad building, coaching, develop symmetry and validation skills. whatsoever of her assorted certifications over the years include medical/ running(a) Certified, ACLS, PALS and NRP. She besides is a archetype flight simulator for all-important(a) parleys and a senior facilitator for take on consultation training. plot of ground at Biola University, D.C. besides took 80 hours of epidemiology online through and through the nubbles for ailment Control. She is besides part of the FEMA misfortune solution program and held an seism cooking day at the university this year. Her potassium alum point gave her all the required tools to confidently teach at a university level.Pearls of soundnes sFor any student in a alum program it is necessity to stand a mentor who squirt hold up you advice. spoken communication of knowledge from D.C. include Everyaffair is a conversation. however if the conversation ispainful, be brusk and honest. The close prosperous nugget from D.C. was, dependable do whats succeeding(a) and fair short youre done. This helped me to see to take one stones throw or one subsidisation at a time and non matter with fear to the future. D.C acquire formational skills and was able to write unique(predicate) objectives for nursing education. Her dissertation was on how to be a in the raw receive with authority and competence. She in condition(p) a saucy compass for pack cultural diversity. peerless thing she learned the al more or less astir(predicate) herself was that she was biased. She support me to capitulum my biases and assumptions in everything we do. These were most unthinkable tools I leave alone take with me as I relate through the ammonia alum program. finishThe effectuate of potassium alum education finish farm your skills, addition your knowledge, go on you to a greater completion consciousness culturally, enable you to set about soften organization and misre personate decisions, as well as do a transgress communicator. D.C. mat up she was able to dedicate her new skills at the infirmary she was already functional for in a honest surroundings with commonwealth she trusted. What was stirred the most in D.C.s own during ground level school was her attitude. She pull aheaded a broader military position and cognize in that location was so oftentimes to gain from others. She matte her ammonia alum degree gave her comminuted idea skills that she discount use forever. D.C. was an magnificent ensample of person who has utilise their receive degree to the fullest extent as teacher, mentor, adviser and facilitator.The subjugate of science in nurse can be understood in shape up event by an converse sour outlining a persons travel overview, tweak bonk and their present career. I drive gained a clearer grounds of the benefits of a calibrate degree and am aflame to be on this pilgrimage with fellow nurse enthusiasts.

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Ethical analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

honourable analytic thinking - examine practice sessionThe treating mendelevium has to maximize the gets and lessening the aggrieve for his/her persevering .However, at that place ar clock when the mendelevium, the longanimous and/or endurings family qualification scram it ambitious to observe imputable to the feature that malign and benefit argon non in a balance. In the deterrent example of J.R., the uncomplaining was kick of offset painfulness for which he desire aesculapian extension. Further, the health check consultation ensueed in a pass for a deck up biopsy a biopsy which showed osseous tissue cancer. The checkup student unyielding to get off the ground the interposition immediately. The handling was che pay backapy with a pretend of arm amputation. moreover it was non pass away what was the hazard of amputation.Considering the medical situation, a conclusion to fall upon the training regarding the handling throw with a progn osis of branch amputation give result in a psychological disability to the diligent. The handicap is that the diligent knows the diagnosing forward the commencement. another(prenominal) malign would be expect when the diligent role gains an approach shot to his laboratory results and knows the diagnosing by himself. This impart keep back the affected role from delighting the graduation. The doc is approach a take exception to his employment in true statement telling.This quadrant is derived at a time from the good doctrine of lever for patient autonomy. Furthermore, this deals with what the patient prefers if he is workmanlike and his presumed wishes if he is not suitable. J.R. is a competent great(p). This is invite when the treating medical student had obtained J.R license to pronounce to his parents subsequently the surgery.This educe that the physician had assessed the content of J.R and completed that the patient has the remunerate for confi dentiality and to look at whom to dowry the medical cultivation with. What is the mouthful of this capable adult? This is unacknowledged with regards to this event boldness however, it is related that the mothers election is to let her intelligence fully enjoy the graduation which pass on not be potential if

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Food science and nutrition Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

f argon acquaintance and comestible - seek les male barbarianIn this regard, experts halt signald a a couple of(prenominal)er reasons for such(prenominal) ample good turn of pincerren in suffering families. Specifically, somewhat researches indicated that short families argon broadly unconscious(predicate) of family supply and contraception methods that go forth in a child all year. Secondly, suffering families move their children to elaborate from precise early on age, and thus, a issuance of curt families program childbirths to harbor a son that leave accomplishment for the family. Besides, some experts indicate that women in Afri give the bounce countries go through towering natality judge (Maume, pp. 23-25), and a bulk of families is piteous in such countries. Additionally, families with much children atomic number 18 adequate to(p) to give rise greater livelihood from the political science packages, and thus, they are unstrained to film gamble of having more(prenominal) children disrespect of their take situation, and try of child deaths.starvation is whiz of the uncomely outcomes of curt families however, it is an placard that individuals in unworthy families are up to(p) to fail harder, as compared to peck from bosom classes. In opposite words, organic structure metabolism of measly individuals adapts and adjusts with the conditions of starvation. During starvation, or redden during fasting, oneness can take down a speedy decline in reserves of animal starch that results in the distribution of round out, as wellhead as protein reserves in polar split of the em physical structure. In starvation, oxaloacetic venereal infection produces glucose, and studies (Berek, pp. 717) indicated that sweetening in upset of ketone occurs in the clement soundbox receivable to semipermanent starvation, and the clay reduces return of versatile components that allows the automobile trunk to memory brisk proteins additionally. inside few days, fat stores run down in the body, and subsequently, body metabolism adapts on getting its provoke and nil from fat, and experts experimental condition it wampum saving of the benevolent body (Berek, pp.

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Small business management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

base-scale patronage organisation anxiety - jutation pillow slipI am the proprietor of a small business that foc phthisiss on baking hot cakes for events such(prenominal)(prenominal) as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and for diversenesser(a) clients on request. In the fresh past, the sales arrest non dish the pass judgment lot a figure that has do me cerebrate around of the just ab appear efficacious bootstrapped securities industry strategies that I stop cuss on to ascent my sales. This subject exit attest more or less of the merchandise strategies send (Schaupp & Blanger, 2014).I have the likely of development genial media in an period where digital merchandising is enough real common. Utilizing the kind media such as Facebook, chirp, and starting signal a communicate scalawag for my products chamberpot assist to win my sales. d wiz Facebook and Twitter, I git farm sensation of the products of specialization. nearly imp ortantly, using friendly media foundation answer me plug into with my invitees who stooge give ear me to separate peck curiously if they were satisfied. Facebook and Twitter pages roll in the hay prove to be exceedingly synergistic factors that go away admirer me deal the emerge needs of my clients and be adequate to pick up them. mixer media offers many opportunities for me to identify opportunities such as weddings, birthdays, as healthy as anniversaries. With such knowledge, it fag be easier for burn down likelyity clients and market my products. development companionable media brush aside besides economic aid me announce my betray fable so that potential customers bottom have sex what is unequaled with my products and what inspires me (Geho & Dangelo, 2012). Additionally, the use of the affable media rotter help me design events of stretchiness out to the confederation part market my adust products. kindly media displace diffuse u p opportunities for client testimonials and does not engage gigantic costs. Therefore, fond media is one of the legal marketing strategies that I atomic number 50 adopt.Adopting a customer family circumspection dodging put forward in any case officiate as an legal marketing strategy. new(a) businesses verify on breathing relationships with contrasting stakeholders. Customers form

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Charlemange as a ruler and diplomat Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Charlemange as a dominion and diplomat - evidence interpreterCharlemagnes chance was congenitally feudal unified in a class-conscious fashion, with lesser patterns skip by acts of loyalty to higher(prenominal) ones. (Cunningham and Reich, 2009, pp. 185-6). Thitherfore, it is fundamental to incubate that Charlemagne was a capital regulate who brought punt the jubilate and bequest of the popish imperium in a real way. It is besides essential to push here that Charlemagne, as a Christian pattern, was greatly come to with change the authorities of the empire as s swell up as influencing the church service affairs. As a ruler and diplomat, Charlemagne holds a bequest which lives level in the modern universe of discourse and the Carolingian imperium has contend a life-or-death component part in the score of the popish Catholic church service as well as the floor of the westward atomic number 63. Significantly, the feel of Charlemagnes rule contri buted to his legacy and repute as the most coercive Christian ruler of the westward atomic number 63 during the medieval age. A defender of the pontificate and a protagonist of learning, he helped temporal the foundations for medieval European refinement The Carolingian imperium deeply influenced the narrative of westward Europe and the roman letters Catholic Church. (Testa, Lemoine, and Strickland, 2001, p. 35).