Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words - 3

Assignment Example Following the theory, Walmart Company is fully unethical. It was because of the win lose situation they created. The company becomes the winners and customers were the losers. The health of the consumers got placed at risk due to the company selling food that could make the consumers sick (Spotts 76). It demonstrated that the company did not respect the consumers or care for their welfare. The company did not make the efforts of ensuring the happiness of consumers. They only cared for their own happiness. The company also made themselves unhappy due to cheating on their customers and taking their money. The theory developed by kant also indicates that the company is unethical in a more different ration. The customers lacked a chance of making any decision. There was no information issued to them on the products they were buying as the company held the information. They also gave them false information so that they can have their money. The denial of information hindered the customers from making their own decisions on the product. The most likely decision they would have made is not to consume their products. It was due to the health hazards associated with the meat. The theory of kant also indicates that the company should not consider themselves above the law and also rules. They fully understood the illegal actions they had associated themselves with and were not willing to accept the consequences. The interpretation of the word courage can get done in several ways. The Walmart company did not have to cater or even compensate to the customers they cheated which they did not. The courage to offer an apology or even compensation was not a step towards the right direction (Spotts 26). The company possessed unreasonable desires, therefore, they lied to their customers in the efforts of obtaining happiness and also profit. On the case justice, it was also not present. The company did have fair practices

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