Saturday, October 19, 2019


DEBATE ON SHOULD THE ROLE OF CLINICAL NURSE SPECIALIST AND ADVANCE PRACTICE NURSE BE MERGED BOTH PROS AND CONS - Essay Example Merging the roles of CNS and APN would disregard the credibility of a specialized nurse. If the merging of the CNS and APN role pushed through, the future nurses would think that having the CNS degree is good enough since CNS and APN’s role is just the same. This idea may have a negative effect on the part of the future nurses instead of being motivated to pursue a better education and a career. In this sense, the quality and competency of APN would diminish in the long run. Clinical Nurse Specialists plays a critical role in providing a direct care to the patient and his/her family members. At the same time, CNS is responsible in shaping and creating a healing environment for the patient and his/her family, and builds a good relationship with the caregivers and other health professionals. CNS is considered as competent in providing a direct patient care. They are trained to use nursing framework in caring for the patients and families. Although some of them are considered as a specialist in a particular area of patient care. According to AACN, nursing specialties must remain evolving. It is said that we must follow the NCSBN Criteria for APRN Certification Programs which includes the requirements that Advanced Nursing Practice Specialty must be added to the education program.4 If all the future CNS will have the APRN certification, the demand for the specialization will come to a point that it will be less than the supply of specialized nurses5. Also, if all the CNS will be required to take the APRN certification, it is possible for the country to have a shortage of nurses who will be dedicated in performing the tasks of CNS6. Similarly, the role of CNS in providing an excellent advanced practice nursing services which are in demand for improving the quality of life of each individual as well as providing these people, the community and the general public the access to the health care services may also be divided since most of these people would

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