Friday, October 11, 2019

College Tuition Essay

Liberal views on college tuition is that it should be affordable and not increase the average debt an American should have. Recently Obama capped the federal student loan payments at 10% of income and stopped federal student loan interest rates from doubling. Liberals tend to believe strongly in public education and are against the high tuition of private schools, many believe that the high prices of private schools take away from the education system and increase the price of public education. Conservative views on college education is to switch from community schools to trade schools, increasing training instead. They believe you would cut the amount of money you owe by attending a trade school and not investing in a 4+ year college, but they believe also that this opportunity should be possible for most Americans. Many Conservatives believe that federal government has no business in originating student loans and encourages private loan investing. Many believe in shifting the role of federal government in student loans to make government the guarantor for private sector student loans. Demographics The raising of any college tuition funds or loan rates would have a direct effect on the younger generation of 18-30 year olds that would be trying to access education early on in their lives. The United States ranks 9th in the world in the amount of young adults enrolled in college, but 16th in the world of 25-34 year olds graduating with a higher education. The ideas of the liberal party would settle well with the younger generation going into college after high school or returning to college at a young age. The older generation from 65 and up would see faults in this idea by questioning why not raise interest rates or where the funding would come to support the growth of public schooling, but also the idea of do you really have to go to college? Many people of the older generation do not see purpose in being in high debt at such a young age in life. Major difference between the two parties is how the money is received to pay for higher education. They both believe that college tuition should be lowered and more possibilities should be available for lower class Americans, but how those Americans get the money for this education is a widely debated topic.

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