Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Jane Erye vs. Charlotte Bronte Essay -- essays research papers fc

Charlotte Bronte, born in 1816 at Thornton, Yorkshire, England, is an English writer who is one of three sisters, who are also famous for their writings. Bronte wrote Jane Eyre based on her own life experiences, which is why the novel is subtitled â€Å"An Autobiography†. Much of the romantic appeal in Jane Eyre comes from Bronte’s own personal history. Many critics argue that the novel is simply a reflection of Bronte’s life. Furthermore, there are several ways in which, Bronte’s life is similar to the life of Jane and the events that take place in the novel. Charlotte is described as simple, plain, and petite and the daughter of a clergyman just like Jane. Whenever, Charlotte wanted to get away from her daily life, she would absorb herself into the landscape and nature around her to relive her of stress and Jane is also deeply influenced by nature. After the death of her mother, Charlotte was sent to live with her strict and religious aunt, Elisabeth Branwell, who is like Jane’s aunt, Mrs. Reed. In addition, in the house that Charlotte stayed in, there was a small room upstairs that was about the size of a closet, which is similar to the room where Bertha is kept in. On the contrary, this room served as a playroom for Charlotte and her sisters. As a child, Charlotte attended a school specifically for the daughters of clergymen in 1824, which is comparable to Lowood School, where Jane went. Immediately after being a student at the school, Charlotte also became a teacher. In Jane...

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